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Decipher Writing

Description You attempt to decipher complicated writing or literature on an obscure topic.
Applications This usually takes 1 minute per page of text, but might take longer (typically an hour per page for decrypting ciphers or the like). The text must be in a language you can read, though the GM might allow you to attempt to decipher text written in an unfamiliar language using Society instead.   The DC is determined by the GM based on the state or complexity of the document. The GM might have you roll one check for a short text or a check for each section of a larger text. Degrees of Performance
  • Critical Success You understand the true meaning of the text.
  • Success You understand the true meaning of the text. If it was a coded document, you know the general meaning but might not have a word-for-word translation.
  • Failure You can’t understand the text and take a –2 circumstance penalty to further checks to decipher it.
  • Critical Failure You believe you understand the text on that page, but you have in fact misconstrued its message.

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Pathfinder 2e

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Action / Feat