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WEG Terrain Difficulties

Adapted from pages 102-103 of
The Star Wars Roleplaying Game Second Edition
by WEG

Many contributing factors help the GM determine the difficulty number of a movement roll: how fancy is the described action, how long has the movement been going on, how recently has the GM had a good laugh or a rest break, how much attention are the forces of Evil paying to this moment, is the character or vehicle damaged in some way.
They all start with what kind of physical environment the character plans to traverse!
Players may find it helpful to have benchmarks as to how difficult their circumstances are known to be at the outset. That leaves room in the plan for unknown detriments.

Text of the table below is quoted directly from the sourcebook. The only changes were reformatting it for ease of use.

Terrain Difficulty
Descriptive Examples
Very Easy:
Flat, clear, even ground with no obstacles.
Clear walkways or tracks.
For swimming, calm water.
Flat but naturally uneven ground (fields, yards) that may have a few small obstacles such as rocks, holes, bushes, low branches, and so forth.
For swimming, water with minor obstacles: occasional branches or reefs, or water with mdoerate currents.
Rough ground or any area with many obstacles (large holes, rocks, thickets and bushes).
For swimming, an area with many obstacles or a very confined area, such as a small tunnel
Running through a densely packed area that's difficult to navigate: a panicked crowd or a thick forest, for example.
Very rough ground with drop outs, darkened tunnels, or an area that's being pelted by falling boulders.
Swimming during a very rough storm or around attacking predators.
Very Difficult:
Moving through any dangerous terrain, such as a minefield, down a narrow crawl-way with whirling cooling fans, a starship as it breaks apart, or along the outside of a repulsorlift vehicle as it makes twisting maneuvers.
Swimming in the middle of a dangerous storm with large waves.
Heroic terrain is virtually impassable: running through an avalanche, or running down a corridor filled with falling debris, smoke, and exploding consoles.
For swimming, in the middle of a tidal wave or hurricane.

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