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Explores Dark Places

You explore foreboding ruins, mysterious locales of ancient times, dungeons deep, dark caverns, and similar places, trained in such activities by those who have gone before you. You’re the archetypal treasure hunter, scavenger, and finder of lost things. You spend so much of your time in the dark that you slowly adapt to it, almost becoming creature of the gloom yourself. Even in civilized areas, you prefer to keep to the shadows.   Most likely, you wear dark clothing to help you blend into the blackness. On the other hand, you might wear sensible garments and gear because you have serious and dangerous business to attend to in the dark.


Choose one of the following:
Roll the Dice
1Pick one other PC. This character has been your adventuring partner in previous expeditions, and the two of you work so well together that you both gain +1 to any die rolls when you collaborate on the same task, fight the same foe, and so on.
2Pick two other PCs. You think you once saw them through a keyhole doing something illegal. You can choose whether or not to share that information. The characters can choose whether it was really them (it could have been neither, one, or both), and they may or may not share that information in return.
3Pick one other PC. This person always seems to hear you, no matter how stealthy you try to be.
4Pick one other PC. She is so loud in everything she does that you feel obligated to try to help her learn to move more quietly through the world. Whether or not she’s interested is up to her.

Additional Equipment

Explorer's PackTorches, rope, the usual stuff
RationsEnough for 2 days on the trail
BedrollWarm and comfy
Survival ToolsFlint and Steel, a small tent, etc.

Ability Effects Suggestions

Shadow Abilities: If you have other overt abilities (spells, psionic powers, or the like), they make almost no sound, and whatever visual displays they produce are dark and shadowy. These alterations change nothing other than the appearance of the effects. A Flash is a silent burst of shadows, a Barrier is a mass of shadowy wisps, and so on.

Minor Effect Suggestion

The target is also dazed for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.

Major Effect Suggestion

The target is also stunned and loses its next turn.


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