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Dragon's Bane

Chaos Emblazoned Potion

Wondrous Item


The potion can be drunk as a standard action. When drinking the potion, the user determines how much of the potion they consume. Upon drinking the potion, the user transforms into another creature at a CR determined by the amount of the potion consumed. The user retains its intelligence and memories and ability to comprehend languages.

Additionally, an exact clone of the creature appears, allied to the user but otherwise as mundane as a normal instance of said creature. As a bonus action, the user may command this creature as if it were a familiar or pet.

Any injuries the user had upon drinking the potion are carried over to their new form, and the cloned creature appears with the same injuries.

The potion magically refills itself every day.

The Chaos Emblazoned Potion is a magical potion bottle containing a faintly glowing liquid in bright, swirling golds and blues. The swirling liquid is constantly in motion, but never fully mixes together, and feels both warm and cold to the touch. Etched into the glass of the bottle is the symbol of Chaos and the draconic god Dizava.

When tasted or smelled, the fragrance and flavor of the potion seems to be different for each person, but it is always pleasant and appealing.

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Item (2020)