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  • All "Adventurers' Guild" rewards.
  • This is the loot box tier! Get a monthly loot box with goodies such as t-shirts, mugs, article booklets, tabletop quick-start packs, playing cards, exclusive short stories and poems, and many more things!
  • Links to digital rewards may also be included.
  • Whenever one of my Aqualon novels is complete, a printed, hard-cover copy will be included in your monthly loot box.

"The war horn blows green" is one of the most famous sayings to emerge from the Great War, when the Greenhorns, the first masters of technamagix created green, magical horns they wore as hats and that could be heard everywhere at once when blown. They tamed mighty moths and rode them into battle, and are still among the most renowned researchers in the field of ribogenetics today.

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