Adventurers Guild Patron Tier (25$) ( View full size )

  • All "Winged Hammer Guild" rewards.
  • I will send you a physical copy of the newest "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" issue, if you want one ^-^
  • You may participate in a chat RPG on Discord mastered by yours truly.
  • I will write a short article about your character in Aqualon on the World Anvil page. Be it yourself, your chat RPG character, or an original character you want in my setting. Once I have completed my character design course, I will also create artwork for your character!
  • Your character may appear in articles, "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" content, and possibly even the novel.

What, you can't sit still and read? You have to get in there, sword or staff raised high? Well, go on then, I have perils most exquisite in store and wonders yet to behold! Prepare yourself!

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