Technocrat of Miyako Fluxum Patron Tier (9$) ( View full size )

  • All "Magus of the Academy" rewards.
  • Access to the "Miyako Fluxum, the moving City" category on Discord.
  • Participate in character polls and World Anvil polls and actively influence the book and World Aanvil page!
  • Get your own piece of property on Aqualon; it will be marked on my maps and you will receive a beautifully designed print of a deed to the place, signed be me! You know a document is official when the almighty creator of the world signs it!
  • Get all chapters as pdf and ebook files for easier reading.
  • Get download links for the music of Aqualon, composed by yours truly.

Going beyond technology driven research, the technocrats of Miyako Fluxum dare to do research in technamagix, the banned faculty of Borealis. Knowledge is the ultimate end in itself, so move ahead with me, all the way to the future!

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