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Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark [Odemark]

Level 3 Tabaxi Chaotic Neutral Rogue
(Remtelar Anthropologist)
/ 24 HP

Ruins of Old Dunlee
11th of Stockade 803PC 15:00
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Storytelled by TechnoNomadic
Played by

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Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark

Rogue 3 Class & Level
Remtelar Anthropologist Background
Tabaxi Race
Chaotic Neutral Alignment

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
constitution 10
intelligence 14
wisdom 14
charisma 13
Total Hit Dice 3
Hit Die
+2 proficiency bonus
-1 Strength
+5 Dexterity
+0 Constitution
+4 Intelligence
+2 Wisdom
+1 Charisma
saving throws
+5 Acrobatics
+2 Animal Handling
+2 Arcana
-1 Athletics
+3 Deception
+4 History
+4 Insight
+1 Intimidation
+6 Investigation
+2 Medicine
+10 Nature
+10 Perception
+1 Performance
+1 Persuasion
+4 Religion
+3 Sleight of Hands
+5 Stealth
+10 Survival
skills [Proficiency Bonus]
    • 0x:Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma [ +0 ]
    • 1x: Dexterity, Intelligence [ +2 ]
    • 0x: Animal Handling, Arcane, Athletics, Insight, Intimidation, Medicine, Performance, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand. [ +0 ]
    • 1x: Acrobatics, History, Religion, Stealth. [ +2 ]
    • 2x: Deception, Investigation. [ +4 ]
    • 3x: - [ +6 ]
    • 4x: Nature, Perception, Survival. [ +8 ]

Armor Class
Hit Points
Rapier 1d20+5 1d8+3
Dagger (20/60) 1d20+5 1d4+3
M17 Handgun (30/120) 1d20+5 1d6+3
Shortbow (80/320) 1d20+5 1d6+3
Claw 1d20+1 1d4-1
Common (Native Remtelen), Draconic, Giant, Undercommon, Thieves' Cant

Light Armour
Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortswords

Cartographer's Tools, Navigator's Tools

Base Tech Level: E
Tech Level Knowledge: c-d-E-f-g
[Carrying Capacity: 120lb]

2 Daggers
M17 Handgun
3 Magazines of 14 rounds
Handgun cleaning kit
1 Quiver of 20 arrows

Leather armour
Desert robes
Medium grey jumpsuit [Medium size]
A set of traveler's clothes
Combat Boots

Solar still
Cartographer's Tools
Navigator's tools
Turbine Maintenance Tools

1 Backpack, 2 pouches
1 Bedroll, 1 mess kit, 1 tinder box, 1 crowbar
5 days of rations, 3 waterskins
2 Anti-rad, 2 anti-tox, 2 anti-Virus.
50 ft hempen rope
10 torches

A leather-bound journal, a bottle of ink, an ink pen
20 sheets of parchment
Folder with maintenance records, gps location logs & cargo manifest
Turgid Kite Ground Handling Manual

51 Chits

Pre-Collapse Electronic Personal Navigation Device
Holocube, said to contain an image of the city from before the collapse

Hand Bicycle Pump
[Anthropologist Trait] I would risk life and limb to unravel the secrets of a dead culture.
Personality Traits
[Anthropologist Ideal] Knowledge - By understanding other races and cultures, we learn to understand ourselves.
[Anthropologist Bond] I have a trinket that I believe is the key to finding a long-lost society.
[Tabaxi Obsession] A lost civilization - The pre-collapse world.
[Anthropologist Flaw] I've picked up some unpleasant habits living among Goliath.
[Tabaxi Quirk] You keep a small ball of yarn in your hand, which you constantly fidget with.
Darkvision 60ft
Feline Agility
Cat's Claws (20ft climb speed)

Adept Linguist
Cultural Chameleon: Goliath

Sneak Attack +2D6
Cunning Action
Expertise (Investigation, Perception)
Roguish Archetype: Scout

Double Proficiency (Nature, Perception, Survival)
Specializations: -
Features & Traits

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14th of Stockade 803PC 21:35

[oc: session 4; More Loot, Less Pillage]

by Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark [Odemark]

After dispatching our unwelcome upstairs fellow occupants of the airplane, we continued looking for ways to salvage the more interesting items for ourselves, including the rover. We figured it would not be impossible to dig out the rear hatch, but it would take a long time; longer than we have now. There has to be something on this large vehicle that could be of aid to us. Over the next few days, while looking over the controls to the plane, and flipping through the documentation I found up there, I discovered the plane has two 'APUs', or Auxiliary Power Units, which may be able to power the rover up. I also found out there are several power cables within the plane that can be detached without destroying them, which we might be able to use for that as well.
Gamma and Nemora went to dig out the area where one of the APUs should be, while me and Kole prepared the inside of the plane. Unfortunately, we discovered that the APU was practically completely filled with sand, rendering it useless unless we would clean it out completely. For the most part, that was not overly difficult, since Aponia was able to create a set of maintenance tools from some scrap metal Gamma carried around. However, we could not get into the compressor to clean that out in the same way we were able to clean most of the rest. At this point, I noticed the disease suppressant had worn off, and symptoms began to resurface. Mentioning this to the others, Gamma somehow produced something from one of his bags I would never have expected: a mushroom home to the Underdark called "Traveller's Boon", which, among others, cures diseases.
Nemora took me inside to take care of the disease, while Aponia would carefully knock a small hole into the compressor, so we could clean the inside, before magically resealing it. Unfortunately, Aponia turned out to be more clumsy than expected, and damaged the compressor beyond our skill to fix, so we have little choice but to seek outside help, so we disconnected the now broken APU and loaded it into the rover.
In the meantime, I had another look at the navigational computer. As the roof of the rover was up, something caused the device to wake up and start updating. The map it showed was obviously far out of date, but it was not hard to determine roughly what locations on there had become what locations today. The device had a marked destination in the ruins North of Dusholl, and seemed to have originated from the ruins near Hadond. It might be worth investigating both of these locations.
With the APU loaded, and a plan to head to the ruins of Old Dunlee to find salvage to sell, we refueled the rover with the appropriate fuel we found inside the airplane. We also took a pick of supplies from this treasure cove (some food supplies, one sandbag loading station, a bunch of empty sand bags and a solar still), as well as the fuel pump, cables and hoses, and headed toward the ruins.
Nemora took me aside for a moment, and asked me if I knew about tomes of lore and magic. It has become uncommon for such forms of magic to exist nowadays, but it is said it once was far less rare. Such books might still exists somewhere, perhaps in undiscovered vaults or ruins, or maybe in private Amerite collections. Alternatively, the Juxtalen might have access to one or two of these books, but those might not be easy to get access to.

Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark [Odemark]'s Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. [oc: session 1; Wheels Begin to Turn]
    11th of Stockade, 803PC 04:00
  2. [oc: session 2; Down the Hatch]
    11th of Stockade, 803PC 12:00
  3. [oc: session 3; In the Belly]
    11th of Stockade 803PC 15:00
  4. [oc: session 4; More Loot, Less Pillage]
    14th of Stockade 803PC 21:35

The major events and journals in Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark [Odemark]'s history, from the beginning to today.

[oc: session 1; Wheels Begin to Turn]

After finding a pilot and mechanic, along with Vaughn,another Tabaxi who is some kind of magic user, we set off in a rover the pilot, Kole, had access to. The vehicle sounded a little off, but my expertise is not with such things, and both pilot and mecha...

10:09 pm - 14.07.2019

[oc: session 2; Down the Hatch]

Going down the hatch was like stepping into another world, a world that was the flying machine #8766. Navigational and mechanical equipment on a larger scale in such a small area; a true nerve center to a potential very large beast. Other than a folder of...

01:13 pm - 26.07.2019

[oc: session 3; In the Belly]

Nemora, Kole and myself conducted further investigations inside the crashed vehicle, while Gamma, Aponia and Vaughn worked on digging out the side door to allow us better access. I made sure to approach Nemore while Kole was occupied elsewhere to ask her ...

10:00 pm - 15.08.2019

[oc: session 4; More Loor, Less Pillage]

After dispatching our unwelcome upstairs fellow occupants of the airplane, we continued looking for ways to salvage the more interesting items for ourselves, including the rover. We figured it would not be impossible to dig out the rear hatch, but it wou...

08:25 pm - 03.10.2019

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