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8th of Aulemon, Year 219 of Human Arrival

Continuing Erde Mission - Rescue Family from hob goblin raiders

by Luther Kyrie Ragnarok

By all da gods and Aule's mighty beard, that was a close disaster for us "heroes" <snort>, nearly got wiped out. How ya say? Well letz me's tell ya.
Out in the forest trying to determine best to get to swamp and figure out reason of Erde's angst and concern. Then Uvarum went bird brain to chat up a starling, said it was from Fandae and that a family living just north of whatsum Creek been kidnapped by stinking goblin raiders. Group tried to head off the raiders. Spent time zig zaggin and such, running into some trouble of giant spiders, climbing trees to see any sign and thought we got lucky, Putz Mister spied a thin column of fire smoke north. Off we go, and cut the trail of some goblins but no human feets. We ended up lucky all right, bad lucky, got our arses ambushed by 8 stinker hob gobbies who right bashed Uvarum to brink o'dying. We killed all 8 but most group was hurt bad and Uvarum only healer and he needed helped. Giv up the chase of rescue, no shape for it, to head back to town, ended up going thru the raided family farm. Tended to the animals and helped to some cheese and milk since going to spoil anyway. Ranmoth Creek leaders helped out with some healing, got some magic heal potions, and local constable told us the Baron wanted to meet with us. This group was not having it, had to try to rescue that human family. Told constable the Baron had to wait!!!!!! har har har, bet that don't sit well when Baron gets told. And we got five locals from militia to help out, couple of them archers. Turns out that was lucky.
Headed back the scene of the crime at the family farm, found a second trail of goblins and figures the feet prints of human family, except they headed more east, the other 8 we hit was a trick ruse. Those stinkers pretty sneaky. And even more sneaky, as we tracked them with myself, Uvarum and his wolf leading the way, they tried a couple of traps to give us some harm and damage. One was a snare and another set to drop a foursome of alchemist fire on the poor sod. But we were better than theys was. HA! Even salvaged the nasty alchey fire. But crowed a bit much too soon later to find out. Still tracking and we slowly catching up, smell the sea air and worriedz not goint to catch up, when come blazing back on the trail at us some young boy, running like his life depended on it. And it did. He gasped out his family just up trail, and he got away, about 20 goblins with a few or so chasing him. We set up ambush and bagged four of them. Group went for the bold approach and sneak down the trail, Bawdy was able to scout a bit-tish, said goblins stinkers were alert and wary. Alert they were and some in the party are klunkers so Kursk got the jump on his charge..... which turned to be mistake-ish. He got six around him, stabbing and hacking before we could catch up to join in the fray and starting gutting some stinkers. Kursk raged and stomped but dropped like a big timber tree, even as I tried to hack and even the odds, my own attempts pretty feeble and the numbers of goblins kept me hounded. Bawdy and Imlazor also drop after theys two toss javelins and those alchey fires. Luckily, the militia had thems some backbone and two spearman helped me hold the middle of the brawl, while Putz Mister directed the two archers and himself in picking off goblins with arrow volleys. Some good shooting. Just thought we doing good, a biggun hob goblin leader comes up and rings my bell, stabbling me twice in serious hurt. Uvarum's wolf Druulz (stupid name, just like an elf as papa would say) did good in biting the stinkers and protecting his master who healed the wounded. The stinker goblins were getting mauled dead,until only one left, threatening the humans family baby. Bawdy and Imlazor confabbed with this stinker and convince him to let baby go, he can go. And by Aule's beard, thats what happened.
What a poor sight we are, all bloody and bandaged. It twas luckiest of a brawl, closing in on getting KILLT, we was. Gotta have a talk to these cupcakes, just becuz a god did some minor blessuns on us-uns, we peoples not invul-burnable.
Gotta rest first and smoke me pipe, let the smoke do its work. BY FIRE IN AULE'S BEARD, big stinker goblin stabbed in my tobacco pouch and bled on it. <Heavy sigh> YOLO so ROLO!

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