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Tue 13th Oct 2020 02:45

The Strange Auction

by Arlyle Wallunder

After scarcely surviving their first attempt at interaction with a rival cult, Strahlender Jaeger has decided to deceive their rivals by holding a faux artifact auction to flush out other cultists. Phin Helker decides to commune with a spirit to ID some groups. Eldren Grandsted talked at length about "Hulls" (bodies spirits can us to interact with the physical world) and identified:
Mystery Person bid against Scur
Cult of the Night Queen - night market, Did not show up
Pillars of Night - (came to auction)
The Burned King (came to auction, and bid on most things)
Empty Vessel - (surveyed but no bids)
Unfortunately Kaerson decide to try on the gauntlet and went berserk, luckily Phin used trance powder to calm the situation. The auction continued and was a success.

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  1. The Strange Auction