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Wed 20th Feb 2019 10:36

On The Fall of Death

by Baranir Blackforge

"It seems like yesterday when I felt it, the warmth in my chest fading to a cold ember in an empty pit inside of me. I never knew that something could feel so wrong as it did then, it is something that I will never forget.."
"I have known people to give birth to beautiful children and grow to have families that span three houses full and live happy as rich nobleman, but I have never known the feeling of dread that could rival that happiness until I saw the first of my friends lose a child to birth and shortly after be attacked by that same baby twisted into the damned unliving. Her name was supposed to be Annne, sweet little Anne, she was to be their little princess and the fourth child to my friend's daughter..That was a day of terror and grief. We drank a barrel that night as the world began to panic."
"Soon after, other began rising from the tombs and more people succumbed to unlife as fools tried to reason with the living dead seeing them as old relatives and ancestors..though I do think there is something there, someone there..I too had to clear out the Clan's graves and assist with the others using the gifts bestowed by Terras that I treasure was reassuring when my connection returned, I was filled with joy but it was lessened by the need to use them against those that came back along side the dead."
"Upside down was the world, the need for weapons overcame the need for anything else and the Blackforge was relit as it was in the past and the tools of war once again flow from it as water from a spring. Though business was wanting, this was not the event that was wanted for it to happen.."

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