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27th Day of Newrot, 78th Year after the Fall of Thanatas

A Prayer to the Unspoken

by Baranir Blackforge

Stepping away from the camp, the older dwarf would clear out an area of stone and after laying his Tools down, he would begin to carve old runes into its surface. With the preparation complete, the dwarf would begin to speak with a low voice, almost a whisper as he looks down to the runes he carved beginning to lift his rough hands upwards and point to the runes and other holy symbols. It did not take long for the earth to be drawn forth for the runes and holy symbols started to glow as a waking ember but rose into burning radiance. Once the spell was at its peak, molten cracks began to form visibly on the dwarf, like a volcano brimming with magma, the dwarf stood in the center of the stage he created and finished the spell, similar veins of radiance spread out from him as he began to sink into the stone slowly but surely until nothing was left but the ritual circle and silence.

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  2. A Prayer to the Unspoken
    27th Day of Newrot, 78th Year after the Fall of Thanatas