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Tue 4th Dec 2018 01:35

Twinhill's Defence

by Kelden Ru

The town of Twinhill had a vile poison that ran deep, its mayor the corrupted source. The town will likely never recover from this great shattering of its foundations but few died in the onslaught. Our delve into the quarry was enlightening an angel of death laid within and twisted the passage of time. We arose from the rocky depths to a world of death and fire, with Unfallen on the march and preparations to be made little could be investigated further. Only a few died within the town in the ensuing battle; a few townsfolk, and a mad Gravehunter but all were put to the flame. The abomination that rose from the Unfallen's ranks was unlike any I had seen, not mere undead but a conjoined vessel of gluttony and agony. Its death was slow but assured and the righteous judgment of Ouranos saw my fists strike true. Many of the other Unfallen proved far too intelligent to be mere coincidence, we must return to Graystone and speak with the other Gravehunters see if more such sightings have occurred.
My traveling companions have proven themselves capable companions even if misguided in some of their beliefs. My companion of steel is an interesting fellow and his obsession with blood may prove detrimental. A short leash will be required. They all performed admirably in battle and I could not have asked for a better outcome. I only hope some of the residents of Twinhill will head my warning and join us in fleeing the broken Twinhill.

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  1. A Mad, Childless Town
    5th day of the 6th month of the 78th year, After Fall
  2. Twinhill's Defence