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Aulemon 12 to 16, Year 219 of Human Arrival

To Skodorak and Boggs Landing

by Luther Kyrie Ragnarok

12th of Aulemon.

Following morning after party with the Baron, surprisingly there was no morning dawn raid to seize Imlazor after he outed himself as a human mage. Meet with Putz, Uvarum, Dawdy and Imlazor to decide next actions and agreed on going to Skodorak but have to find Kursk first. Took all morning and finally tracked him down bathing in water trough outside town smithy, looking like he been rode hard and thrown away. See a full blood female orc appear, Tugma was her name and she seemed a bit zealous over our approach to Kursk. Kursk explained we were battle comrades and left with us north to Skodorak.
Stopped over at the midway rest stop tavern inn, the owner was very happy to see us as he had no customers at all. Get treated very well and relayed that business had been very scarce since the last caravan came thru "but certain that things would change". He had not heard of any goblins raiding or of any missing people but this is the wilderness. We kept one person on watch plus Uvarum and his wolf Noz-drull would be outside in the stable. A couple of travelers showed up around midnite, a woman and a fighter. Imlazor was on watch and thinks he recognized the woman as Ziva the necro-mage. He keeps all secret until we leave in the morning, Kursk wanted to go back and fight but convinced him otherwise it likely be death for us all. We instead watched the inn to see if anything happens, but the two leave midday. Bawdy goes back to inn on her horse to see if the inn workers ok which they were as nothing happened. So onto the north with no other events.
Kursk leads us to the leader, titled as Thane, Khadakh. We asked about trade to Ramoth Creek and he openly stated King Hastel is lazy idiot who does nothing and no longer trades to Ramoth Creek. He also laughs as thought of goblins coming his way to capture orcs. Kursk pushes it is serious business, so Thane Khadak agrees to increase patrols. Then listens to Kursk "great" adventures and glory of combat versus overwhelming numbers of goblins. and over and over and over the story is repeated. Uvarum and Putz get bored and split. Luther notices the large banner with green dragon and asks the Khadakh about it. He says it is protector of clan and Skodorak. and SHE answers to the Thane. By the beard of Aule, that is a nads shocker. The group finds an inn run by humans to rest, Kursk go finds some friends at an orc inn and tells his tale all night while buying the drinks. Luther tries his luck and ends up with another human tavern bar-wench for the night.

13th of Aulemon.

Group gathers back together next morning and double time it back to Baron at Ramoth, briefly resting at halfway inn to tell owner of the embargo. Back at the town, Baron insists Kursk shows up. After a few minutes of seeing Kursk in meeting only with the Baron, Rose and a few guards, Baron understands why the party keeps Kursk away, and give diplomatic hint to Putz and Imlazor to keep him away. We get away from Baron's manor without damaging much.

14th of Aulemon.

Head to Boggs Landing next as rumor some ships are couple days late. We get NPC cleric named Medwin, who wants to "do more" for the world and joins our group. At Boggs Landing the goblins raids are not yet news and no one concerned on ships late, it happens. We set up in an inn close to the docks and decide to rest a bit. Late in afternoon, a sailor staggers into our inn saying been attacked and ship aground on reef, lighthouse in wrong spot. Some nearby soldiers start to get a defense ready but will not go out to the lighthouse, so we get a boat and two sailors to help us. Find a fake timber tower further inland, head to real light tower. There we find most of family viciously murdered and light mirror shattered. See on reef a ship crashed and hear voices in fog, set out in our boat and see a small boat being pulled underwater. We close the gap and the reptilian humanoids, lizard folk, attack and nearly tip our boat over. Luckily we killed them and saved 6-8 sailors tied up in the other boat. Heading to ship to see if any other survivors.
PART 2 and the volley or folly of 1's
The 8 sailors we rescued are in mostly decent shape and able to help row our boats, so we split the sailors and the party into the 2 boats to head back to the foundering ship. Despite efforts from Luther and Kursk, unable to throw rope anchors to the ship as sees just too choppy(the start of the roll of 1's). Then Luther notices another boat coming to the ship from out of the fog with a crew of three humanoids. We head to them and announce our presence, they look startled and one shoots off a crossbow bolt at Kursk, wounding him. Kursk ignores our calls to not attack, throws a spear back and nails the bowman. They quickly turn around their boat and row furiously away like a devil was chasing them losing them in the fog, our crew of sailors could not keep pace, evidently worn down by events of the fight and then capture . Fortunately, our caster Uvarum got off a faerie fire spell that illuminated the other groups boat, and after a couple minutes we saw the boat on shore. Our party beached and we had the 8 sailors shove off to water to keep watch. Luther was able to track the trio to a grassy sandy area but nobody saw the low built hut nor the 4 archers on the roof who let fly with a volley of arrows, scoring a couple of hits. Kursk charged in a rage and burst the hut door open to see three more attackers. The rest of group moved to engage in combat counterattack only to see multiple 1's rolled. WTF! Kursk and the Uvarum's wolf Noz-Drull kill two of three in ground floor, while Luther wounds the third to point that Kursk demolishes him. Kursk roars in challenge and climbs ladder to the roof for more combat. Meanwhile, Imalazor is subjected to two sleep spells from unseen caster, while Uvarum and Bawdy take arrow wounds. Putz trades arrows back at the baddie archer. Meanwhile, Kursk beheads a rooftop archer in a welter of raining blood but also sustains multiple wounding hits. Luther moves thru the hut to the back door and circles around to find the "supposed" archer but its actually a female caster, he is able to get two high HP attacks in. The real archer is a dwarf attacking Imlazor and Medwin(npc cleric) and seeing more screams from rooftop of his comrades being rended by Kursk with assistance from Uravum, this dwarf takes off. Putz and Imlazor are able to catch this dwarf thief and force a surrender. Meanwhile, Kursk is barely alive and gets immediate medical attention from Medwin and Uvarum to save his life before his rage wears off. The dwarf thief says he and his crew were hired by the caster, she had the deal with lizardmen. The lizardmen would capture the sailors and the dwarf crew would salvage cargo from the ships. They had wrecked and plundered four ships in total. He also says the lizardmen had a deal to sell the captured humans to the goblins(???) in the swamp. We then destroyed the fake light tower that lured ships onto the reef.

15th of Aulemon.

We get our 10 sailors and for a whole share split to the 10 of them, help us load up the three boats with booty and ship it back to Boggs Landing for the selling. There we turn over the dwarf to the authorities, give our testimony along with the 8 captured/freed sailors. There was great rejoicing and big party that next night for those who stayed. Luther found another human female to teach him about "relations". Some members of the group headed out to the real lighthouse to try and lure in the lizardmen and ambush them. However, they had no luck that night.

16th of Aulemon.

All the party is together for another night in the lighthouse, with one of the casters using a cantrip of human female voices talking. This evidently worked as Putz signaled he sees a group of lizardmen sneaking up to the lighthouse. As they reached the door, Kursk roars a challenge and charges out the door to the right. Luther follows and goes to the left, the rest of the party filling in as Putz shots arrows from up top. We face 10 lizardmen and our folly nearly killed us, Kursk and Luther roll multiple 1's over several rounds while taking vicious attacks from claw/claw/bite . Bawdy and Uvarum take risks to clear a path for Medwin to heal Kursk as he gets surrounded but is healed just in time. Putz continues to score hits but has a run of rolled 1's as well. Meanwhile, Luther is also surrounded, rolls double 1's for attacks and then dropped to -6 on multiple hits and bleeding out. At this point 6 of the 10 lizardmen are also dropped but Bawdy, Imlazor and Noz-Drull are seriously wounded. Luther goes -7. Uvarum and Putz able to open a spot for Medwin to get to Luther, -8. Medwin is able to finally get a heal spell activated and stabilize Luther. Kursk, Putz and Uvarum are able to defeat the last pair of lizardmen. A close call for Luther and bad day for the group of "heroes" is averted.
Final note: Luther goes to the condemned-for-execution dwarf thief, gets his family name to send a last note to them of his poor demise.
Session results: 500 xp and lots of cash, plus upgraded weapons to MasterWork for several characters.
<end of session>

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