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5th day of the 6th month of the 78th year, After Fall

A Mad, Childless Town

by Kelden Ru

Much has changed in Twinhill in the last 15 years. I recognized no man, woman, nor child and they did not know me. I have assured the Tenants were upheld Master, I have stayed true. Those I travel with have proved adequate. Some I know, others I do not but they serve a purpose. Master, guide me through this trial.

My charge, as it is written, is to reform the guard. Little did I know the true magnitude of such a task. This town is plagued by all manner of foolishness and what must be a suicidal madness spreading through the town. A carpenter that will not build a gate for fear of the madness that grips him, a crazed orc is allowed to freely butcher anything in his way, and a mayor who cares more for keeping the peace than finding missing children! Truly, Master, I do not know how some could fall to such depths. We must give them time to see the light, they still have time.

Master, depraved fools live in this town. They keep the Unfallen like caged pets, feeding it, caring for it as if it was anything more than a husk. Disgusting, vile corruption allowed to fester and rot the land. Sickening effigies of the living dead secreted away within hidden vaults of foul darkness. Master, they do not the darkness they have let into their lives. This man, no this snake, will be found and dealt with. The Tenants call for his name.

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  1. A Mad, Childless Town
    5th day of the 6th month of the 78th year, After Fall
  2. Twinhill's Defence