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Dragon Queen Joliana Mezchurdkir
The Cold-Blooded

Beautiful assassin living her life with lots of adventure because she gets to kill alot of people.

The North
Played by

Joliana Mezchurdkir

Migrant , Half-dragon

Racial Keyword

[Mutation] Queen of Dragons

Able to command any dragon (be they from Haven or from other universes) the only drawback is that they become an extension of her & any damage to them is felt by her.

[Skill] The Archer

Taught to her by "The Assassin", who is now lost to her, Joliana can shoot a straight bullseye with her eyes blindfolded with her arrows, which will hit their mark.

[Asset] The Dragon Brood

Joliana's personal escort of dragons. Made of those powerful in elemental powers, such as fire, wind, water, etc. Many of these dragons see Joliana as a motherly figure & will follow her command whether controlled or not.

"Death shall bow to no one! But me..."

The major events and journals in Joliana's history, from the beginning to today.

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Joliana.

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