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A traveler from the nation of Kairn Handia. She’s quiet spoken and has a tendency to wander on her own.

Campaign & Party

Run by torakand-adventures
Played by

Anya ( She/they )


Player Name
Andrea ( She/they )
Kairn Handia


Strength 4 Hit Points4
Essence 4
Agility 6 Physical Saves1
Resolve 3
Wits 4 Mental Saves1
Focus 3
Harmony 3 Grit Points 1

Skills and Scars

Creature HandlingAnimal Insight [Always] You may determine the status of an animal or creature including:•Its current health level (healthy, wounded, dying, dead)•Its mood (Friendly, Neutral, Aggressive)•Its nature (natural or not)You may call this skill by studying the creature for 30 seconds and then calling "Insight", and asking the creature the relevant question.Influence Mood [Once Per Rest] You may attempt to sway the mood of up to 4 creatures by one step. Aggressive or Frightened creatures can become Neutral and Neutral creatures can become either Frightened or Friendly depending on the nature of the roleplay. The creature(s) will react to the closest player; to use this skill, the player should step between the creature and any other players, spread their hands wide with open palms. To make the creature more friendly use words like "calm", "understand" and "help". To make the creature less friendly use"angry", "threat", or "danger". Note that there may be environmental or situational modifiers that complicate this skill.
<Basic Logistics>You may use this skill in place of a single common Component to represent having been prepared enough to have brought that Component along with you. This Component will never be written on a card and it expires at the end of the scene. No more than one use of Basic Logistics can be applied to a single action.
<Trapping and Foraging>Live Off the Land [Gathering] You may gather Food, Fiber and Herbal Components using a special gathering table.Always Searching [NPC Shift] At the end of your NPC shift you may request a random Food, Fiber or Herbal Component from the Quartermaster or your Guildmaster.Trapper [Once Per Rest] This skill may be used to affect an area to alter the circumstances of a scenario by preparing traps, snares, or other ambushes. You must have arrived at the location first, or hidden long enough to prepare the traps. A Marshal may require a Destiny Draw to determine the outcome, and the intended effect may notbe the actual outcome


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