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The Orchestra of Rebirth

Originally an unknown force that resurrected boars to carry out an unknown will using an implement that only a goblin could use. The champions hunted them down with what little evidence they had to The Implement Zone, where they eventually discovered the terrorist cult, The Orchestra of Death. After some roughing and convincing, they group converted to non-violent inciters of rebellion under Nadarr Delmirev's direction. Night passed, and by afternoon of the next day, the king of the underground was overthrown.   The new administration is as follows: Slink - The leader of the newly named Orchestra of Rebirth, and now all of the Implement Zone. Grew up abused by the system, and fought against it as an adult. Not the smartest leader, but is morally true and subservient to the will of the people.   Nano - Prior to the revolution, Nano ran the Black Market. The market was a necessity to up and coming inventors and those who were rejected by the government. It gave life to poor and the needy. As far as the southeast zone was concerned, Nano was their go-to leader - not the king. The man himself did it for his people but still very much enjoyed the extra benefit of being filthy rich, as goblins do. Nano is now the financial adviser to Slink.   Lag - A smaller than average, rather playful, innocent goblin from The Orchestra of Rebirth.   Kazmir - Always has been the supervisor of the department of implement development and filtering.

Rebirth, Capital of the Zone

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