Syoni Carav
Rose, Holly

A highly egotistical yet genuinely intelligent tech-savvy psionic living in a city constantly moving to its future. She knows how to control, and will use that to her very advantage.

38th day of Aulen, 835 NA
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i master dungeons

37th day of Aulen, 835 NA

Remember - (4/4)

by Syoni Carav

Let me tell you the story of someone who has long since been dead.
There once was a young girl who went by the name Holly Rosea Alcae. However, her parents were quick to call her Du or Two when she was successfully created.
Two had the appearance of a ten-year-old, though her intellectual capabilities are years more advanced. Just like the girl she was a clone of, Two was a powerful psionic, who felt empathy to the people around her and had the ability to crush them with her mental prowess if she desired. Due to her being younger than One in physical and mental capabilities, it meant she was easier to control. This time, they didn't hasten her development.
Two was not homeschooled, but instead attended elementary school for a few years, landing awards, respect, and honor rolls left and right. However, she didn't develop lasting friendships at this time. Two was eventually called Holly by her parents as time went on. Her weekends were spent on experimentation, which she was familiar with. They tested her powers, intelligence, and physical aspects to see if she was healthy. No such time would be for her to spend moments of relaxation. To Holly, her life was spent being busy and working.
Her parents saw her as if she was a sort of shiny tool that could do things in a relatively short time. As she got older, she gained more awards and attention, most of which started to get into her head. Holly believed by being the best, she could win the favor of her own parents.
Come the last few years of high school, where Holly started to become infamous for her ego, but well-received for her academic works, and managed to become valedictorian at the end. From onlookers, it was evident that Holly showed amounts of unimaginable internal pain and mistrust. She was often seen by herself, constantly avoiding anyone. If she wasn't being anti-social, she was flaunting about how she was great and how she is more intellectually competent than her classmates. If anything, it was to hide the flaw that she's trying so hard to be someone she was not.
She attended university, but never had the chance to find an opportunity to move out until later in her fourth year. She was already referring to herself as Syoni Carav, wanting to push her origins away and try to forge an identity of her own. When she moved out, she refused to look back.
Holly Alcae is long gone.
And I killed her.
"Isn't there one thing you're missing?"
When Holly had started out college, she stumbled upon a woman who offered her a way to eventually find her way to salvation. The woman reminded of her, though she knew that this person looked like they have accomplished so much.
She took her hand, and took them to the moon. "Welcome to the Society of Creation," she said, and Holly became a member.
It took Holly so long for her to realize that this was Sharon, who now goes under the name Mary. It wasn't until Mary had fallen ill with an odd disease that causes flowers to grow around her body like a sort of parasite. In this condition, she was unable to be the Society's Director.
The then-naïve Holly cried out for Mary like a long-lost sister of sorts. She had only met her for months, yet it felt like they've known each other for their entire lives.
Holly wanted to promise Mary she'll help her out. Even if she initially had confusion over it all.
She wears two rings, one that was her Society ring, and Mary's Director ring. She took the responsibility of being the Director through illusions and holograms to give off the impression that she is Mary herself. Even then, it felt wrong to be someone she knew she wasn't.
"Don't you want to save her?"
This white stone...
This is the Space Creation, right?
"How insightful."
This won't be enough to fix my problems. You're well aware of that.
"What are you scheming right now, human girl?"
Let me join you.
Take control of my person, and give me that power.
You have those answers, right?
"Don't you know you're dealing with the most severe of consequences?"
I mean,
I've got nothing else to lose.
Nothing but me.
Give me what I was missing...
Tell me...
"Why are you giving up your feeble self for me?"
I am here, willing to risk everything. I want you to take me. Take me by the arm and push me off the edge I've been standing on for years.
Because as of today, all I can do now is fall.
Oh, everyone. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Chorale, Sariara, Holly...
If you see me again, just know that,
this isn't the Syoni Carav you once knew anymore.
I've killed her, and myself. Over and over.
As of today, the rift of Space opens up to me. Those who try to fight me will be scattered and atomized throughout the world, unable to reform. This time, I will prove to everyone I'm worth something.

Syoni's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

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    25th day of Kronas, 834 NA
  2. The Thrall
    17th day of Ignita, 835 NA
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    17th day of Ignita, 835 NA
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    37th day of Aulen, 835 NA
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    37th day of Aulen, 835 NA
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    37th day of Aulen, 835 NA
  8. Remember - (4/4)
    37th day of Aulen, 835 NA

The major events and journals in Syoni's history, from the beginning to today.

The Thrall

The stone did it again. It's the same message over and over - unite myself with space and become powerful. It's actually getting too annoying than it is helpful. I've managed to resist that grasping urge this odd voice keeps on pulling me to, but what ...

10:51 am - 01.06.2019

Resisted the urge to follow a rock's orders!

my willpower is stronger than a magic pebble

17th day of Ignita, 835 NA


They're empty, devoid of thought. They weren't like any of the normal spirits that roam around this plane. And they were obviously unwelcome. After the thrall came these fiends. Initially harmless swirls of wispy energy floating in the sky, they landed...

02:43 am - 03.06.2019

So what?!

Do you actually care about anything that I say, or do you just brush it off because it doesn't matter? How many times have you told me that you loved me, and how many times was it genuine? Are you aware of how apathetic you are to what I have to say, an...

02:38 pm - 04.06.2019

Second Thoughts

I heard his voice, and I was convinced this was reality. Every bit inside me had the conviction that this wasn't a nightmare I was facing - it was reality. It was reality and it was the harsh truth As I leap out into the depths of space from the rift, ...

09:36 am - 08.08.2019

Remember - (1/?)

She was visibly overwhelmed with the same amount of stress that I had in high school. At first, I thought that was me for a moment, but closer inspection revealed that Mary just reminded me of... myself. I thought we were two different people, and that sh...

10:31 am - 09.08.2019

Experienced a Past

why does it all feel so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time?

37th day of Aulen, 835 NA

Remember - (2/?)

My mother and father were always busy with their lab work. If they weren't being too clingy and surveillance-y for my liking, they were busy working on scientific bullshit while I worry about being watched for every single day of my life. A lone yet la...

12:40 pm - 09.08.2019

Remember - (3/?)

I've been observing Hana in this small room for what I thought felt like eternity. I don't think it's been eternity, though. They added in false memories to give off the impression that she grew up like a normal human being. It was evident that they rush...

10:30 am - 14.08.2019

Remember (4/4)

Let me tell you the story of someone who has long since been dead. There once was a young girl who went by the name Holly Rosea Alcae. However, her parents were quick to call her [i]Du[/i] or Two when she was successfully created. Two had the appearan...

08:00 am - 21.08.2019

Embraced Despair

If this is how I'll save myself from everyone else...

37th day of Aulen, 835 NA

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