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Bearbarian 8/3 Class & Level
Sage Background
Human Race
Neutral Evil Alignment

Strength 13
Dexterity 9
constitution 16
intelligence 14
wisdom 18
charisma 8
Total Hit Dice 11
Hit Die 1d8+3
4 proficiency bonus
18 Passive perception
1 Strength
-1 Dexterity
3 Constitution
6 Intelligence
8 Wisdom
-1 Charisma
saving throws
-1 Acrobatics
4 Animal Handling
6 Arcana
1 Athletics
-1 Deception
6 History
8 Insight
-1 Intimidation
6 Investigation
4 Medicine
2 Nature
8 Perception
-1 Performance
-1 Persuasion
2 Religion
-1 Sleight of Hands
-1 Stealth
4 Survival
Hit Points
Common, Druidic, Elvish, Infernal, Draconic
Herbalism Kit
Staff of the Woodlands | Attack: 1d20+7 | Damage: 1d6+1d4+3 Bludgeoning + Ice

Staff of the Woodlands (Shillelagh) | Attack: 1d20+10 | Damage: 1d8+1d4+6 Bludgeoning + Ice

RAGE: Staff of the Woodlands | Attack: 1d20+7 | Damage: 1d6+1d4+5 Bludgeoning + Ice

RAGE: Staff of the Woodlands (Shillelagh) | Attack: 1d20+10 | Damage: 1d8+1d4+8 Bludgeoning + Ice Attacks
Spellcasting ability: Wisdom

Spell save DC: 16

Spell Attack Bonus: +10
-Socks of Spider Climbing
-Book of Many Minds
-Ring of Echo
-A Page in Your Diary (9)
-Staff of the Woodlands
-Potion of Healing (2d4+2)
-9 laxative cupcakes

-Diary of magic items
-Info on a genie that turns things into gold
-Sweet goblin wine
-Vithian Navy cloak (1900 years old)


Personality Traits





You have mastered techniques to take advantage of every drop in any enemy’s guard, gaining the following benefits:

  • When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, the creature’s speed becomes 0 for the rest of the turn.

  • Creatures provoke opportunity attacks from you even if they take the Disengage action before leaving your reach.

  • When a creature within 5 feet of you makes an attack against a target other than you (and that target doesn’t have this feat), you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against the attacking creature.

Combat Wild Shape

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you gain the ability to use Wild Shape on your turn as a bonus action, rather than as an action.

Additionally, while you are transformed by Wild Shape, you can use a bonus action to expend one spell slot to regain 1d8 hit points per level of the spell slot expended.

Primal Strike

Your attacks in beast form count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

Rage (3/long rest)

  • +2 damage; advantage on Strength checks and saving throws

  • Resistance to all damage but Psychic

Reckless Attack

Starting at 2nd level, when you make your first attack on your turn, you can decide to attack recklessly. Doing so gives you advantage on all melee weapon attack rolls using Strength during that turn, but attack rolls against you are rolled with advantage until the beginning of your next turn.

Danger Sense

At 2nd level, you have advantage on Dexterity saving throws against effects that you can see, such as traps or spells. You do not gain this benefit if you are blinded, deafened, or incapacitated.

Elemental Wild Shape: Blizzard

You can expend two uses of Wild Shape at the same time to transform into an blizzard (air) elemental.
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