Augustinus Shadowbow

Level 15 Warlock
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King of the Kingdom of Reaveth, Purger of the Sin and those considered unworthy and unpure. For I will bring the world to the Age of darkness

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Augustinus Shadowbow

Warlock 15 Class & Level

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Mon 20th May 2019 03:33

What to do with Sinful Woman?

by Augustinus Shadowbow

This is the question that I face as king of a grand kingdom of reaveth. What to do with these sinful women?
My council believes that there is hope for these sinful women and that we should show mercy on them but I do not believe it in the slightest. If they only knew the truth like I do, about how there is no hope for them, they can not be saved, they can not be redeemed, these women are a threat to the teachings of the shadow god. We do not need them, the shadows provide to us all that we would ever need. why would we turn our back on our god?. I fear most of my council is becoming corrupted by the woman and the goddess they all follow because most of them are married. All the previous shadow kings fell into the sinister woman's trap as well when they married in the false belief the shadow god teaches that one needs to protect marriages. But they were fooled from the very start. Marriage is another ploy by the sinister woman to trick men, It does nothing but helps the goddess in the long run by making men weak so they can be prayed upon. Men in marriages are blinded by both lust which is a parasite and love which is a sin both originate with the woman.
But that does not answer the question about what to do with sinful women. So I will compromise with my council and send the sinful woman to camps and by the grace of the shadow god they are found to be innocent they will be released but forever they will be considered disgraced. in a way, they are worse than the unworthy who have a chance to be redeemed in the long run. but a sinful woman cannot be redeemed, they are all infected with the lust parasite and filled with the sin of love.
So I have found the ideal solution to the question one that will ensure that the kingdom is protected from these sinister women. many will not like it but they will be dealt with if they dare oppose my divine order. but as of now, all Women across the kingdom will be sent to the camps where they will be seen by a shadow priest. If they are found not to be infected or have committed any sins they will be allowed to go back to their towns and resume their lives. But if they are
Well then their lives might as well be forfeit for there is no redemption for a woman like them in this grand kingdom of Reaveth

The major events and journals in Augustinus's history, from the beginning to today.

Augustinus joins the ranks of Heroes!

Augustinus enters the scene of legendary heroes! Welcome to the family of the Eternals!

09:53 am - 17.05.2019

The Town Belongs to us

My army has captured an important town in our conquest. This town was home to a chapter of the order of love. Those heathens spread the false teachings of the sinister woman. I would tell you more about her but just speaking about her makes my skin crawl with disgust I will purge this town of the order and purge the kingdom of her influnce. Then i will turn my eyes to the rest of the world. But for now my army will rest in the town and then we march foward..

11:37 am - 17.05.2019

What to do with Sinful Woman?

This is the question that I face as king of a grand kingdom of reaveth. What to do with these sinful women? My council believes that there is hope for these sinful women and that we should show mercy on them but I do not believe it in the slightest. If...

03:33 am - 20.05.2019

Goddess of love Captured

The Goddess of love was captured in an abandoned temple in the heart of the kingdom. Attempting to infect the kingdom with love, she was captured by my forces who were tipped off to her presence. With her capture, the kingdom will have a week-long celebration followed by sacrifices to the shadow god for his guidance. The war against love can now finally be declared over!. But our work is far from done. We must root out all traces of it from the world The Goddess will be taken to a prison designed for her and those like her. Meanwhile, we must be vigilant against her followers who no doubt have infiltrated the kingdom and seek to destroy it. But today is a glorious day for the Kingdom of Reaveth!

07:17 pm - 13.09.2019
Played by
Robert Kane

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