Fyfen Betruger

Level 15 Tiefling (Dispater) CN Bard of Whispers 10 / Warlock of Hyrsam 5
(Itinerant Performer)
63 / 63 HP

Thin, spindly, red skinned tiefling with curling horns and yellow-gold eyes. Bard of Whispers and Warlock bound to the Sidhe god Hyrsam, Prince of Satyrs. Former performer for nobles in the seaside city of Narel, but fled the city some years ago.

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Fyfen Betruger

Bard of Whispers 10 / Warlock of Hyrsam 5 15 Class & Level
Itinerant Performer Background
Tiefling (Dispater) Race
CN Alignment

Strength 8
Dexterity 18
constitution 9
intelligence 12
wisdom 13
charisma 20
Total Hit Dice 15
Hit Die
+5 proficiency bonus
-1 Strength
+9 Dexterity
-1 Constitution
+1 Intelligence
+1 Wisdom
+10 Charisma
saving throws
+9 Acrobatics
+1 Animal Handling
+1 Arcana
-1 Athletics
+15 Deception
+1 History
+11 Insight
+5 Intimidation
+1 Investigation
+1 Medicine
+1 Nature
+1 Perception
+15 Performance
+15 Persuasion
+1 Religion
+4 Sleight of Hands
+4 Stealth
+1 Survival

Armor Class
Hit Points
WeaponAttackDamage 1Damage 2Effect
Reveler's Fiddlestick 1d20+9+2 1d6+4 Piercing 2d8 Thunder
Instruments: Fiddle (Viol), Pan Flute, Harp, Bouzouki (Lute)
Languages: Trade Language, Infernal, Common
Warlock Spell Slots : 2 (3rd level)
Cantrips: 3 (Warlock 4 (Bard)
Bard Spells Known : 14
Reveler's Fiddle
Reveler's Fiddlestick
Glamoured Studded Leather +1
Actor Feat
War Caster Feat
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