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Amadeo no Sospechoso

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Thu 28th Feb 2019 11:07

Last Will and Testament of Amadeo el Sigiloso (transcription)

by Amadeo no Sospechoso

Last Will and Testament



Amadeo L el Sigiloso


Finding myself of sound disposing mind & memory, I hereby begin this document.


I lived a number of good, Slutty years, and for these I Thank.


A few requests, before beginning. This reading shall be open-doors; by preference in my holy workplace (former), a Theater or an open foyer, if possible. Luxury. Drama. To my memory.

I also request every named person to weep, Cry or Bawl upon naming.


Let us begin.


To my ex-fiancé, Priscilla, (?) (I forget), I leave:


My Apologies


I have said previously that it was the call of religion that came between us; but now that I'm deceased I can say it is lies. It was homosexuality. My friend Dr. Adelaide, finds herself in the same situation, though, and I believe you'll find her quite nice.


To [INTELLIGIBLE] you know who you are. You broke my heart & betrayed me for cheap coin. Yet I still cannot bring myself to hate you enough.


I still do, though. Wench.


To my crew I leave thanks, & a few gifts.


To Cptn. Ass Ash & Andrea Gondolucci, PH.D I leave my last remaining nude portrait. View it together ;-)


To Dr. Adelaide I leave my last remaining coins, to purchase Oranges. Deter scurvy.


To the flame priest I leave my spirit juice or whatever.


To Guiliam Geilleme Gulam nevermind. You were hot.


To Lucy Shootemup, a gain and a I II II L, I give my papal cape & necklace but ask you to return the nude to Andrea. Make good to the name of

The Holy Church of Orderna

(death to nonbelievers)


To Saber Sabiduría. [Original document presents hearts dotting i's]


In dreams, we will dance.


Ah, Saber. Our skirmish mirrors the eternal one: of that which is holy against all that is not, of good and of its absence. But in their very nature of discordance it is written that they will always find each other; here in this balance lays swaddled the essence of the very universe.


This is how I choose to view us; greater than ourselves yet nothing but. Perhaps, in a kinder world, we would've been allowed to be...




I have no other end to that sentence. Farewell, for now. This is not the last of me, if Orderna is right.




To Mariana Leviatán.


Did you ever love me, sister? any of us? I could never tell.





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