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Penelope Redwood

Lawful Neutral Simian (Chimpanzee)

/ 10

Simian adventurer to seek knowledge and help restore order to Paxus for all.

Health Tracker

Hit Points of 10 total.

Hit Dice Available of 1 total.

Current Temp HP

Total Temp HP

Applied Conditions

Resources Tracker


Current Experience Points of 300 required for level up.

Penelope "Deadeye" Redwood

1 Level (0/300 XP for level-up) Background Simian (Chimpanzee) Race Lawful Neutral Alignment

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10
Hit Points
Armor Class
Spell Attack Modifier

Spell Save DC: NONE
Hit Dice: 1/1
Hit Die: 1d10 +0
30' (Walking), 20' (Climbing)
Speed (walk/run/fly)
+4 Expertise Bonus
+2 Proficiency Bonus
+0 Strength
+0 Dexterity
+0 Constitution
+0 Intelligence
+0 Wisdom
+0 Charisma
saving throws
+0 Acrobatics DEX
+0 Animal Handling WIS
+0 Arcana INT
+0 Athletics STR
+0 Deception CHA
+0 History INT
+0 Insight WIS
+0 Intimidation CHA
+0 Investigation INT
+0 Medicine WIS
+0 Nature INT
+0 Perception WIS
+0 Performance CHA
+0 Persuasion CHA
+0 Religion INT
+0 Sleight of Hand DEX
+0 Stealth DEX
+0 Survival WIS
  Name Roll Attr Dmg Dmg Type
Longbow +2 DEX
Common, Simian (Sign Language)
Languages & Proficiences
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Played by
Christopher Abruscato

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