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Broderick Valentine

A soldier in a new land trying to discover a new lease on life. Upon finding Leyton, he found more than he could hope for, a land and family for him to protect.

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 06:52

September 31st, 1619

by Broderick Valentine

Twas Saturday morn when I dinner my armor and went with Brandis to go on patrol once more. The infection was dormant within him, regardless, I needed to be careful. We were tasked to protect a high value target, an Author from the old world. They were writing about life in these borderlands and wanted an escort to see a day in the life. We traveled, scaring off Savage wildlife, and meeting up with a scouting party to begin the cartography of Leyton. I had even lended my sword to the Author for a chance at squaring up with a male brown bear who wandered too close. They proved their prowess to my surprise, it is not easy to wield such a large weapon. However, They could use some help with the flintlock. Their first shot went wild, putting a hole in the ceiling of the local range. The other, well, that dented the armor of Brandis's boots. He was not happy with that one, but we were lucky it wasn't aimed higher.
The patrol continued well into the afternoon, and when I returned I had found Lady Lilly busy with cooking a feast for the Spirits Rest. I brought her bear meat I recovered during the hunt. She was pleased, though I could tell she wasn't set on just helping cook in the colony. She was far too ambitious for that. I knew she wanted a chance at some kind of responsibility or power, but for that she needed land. Ranger Anya had mentioned wanting a Ranch, and Kruger had mentioned something about a Mercenary company. I brought the four together and we pulled out our life savings. 80 Unum! Surely, that could buy us a ranch! I went to the quarter master and they said they would put out feelers for us, and seek out sellers. Land will be a good first step. A steady income would be better. Even best, a rich friend. I know that my debts won't follow me here, but i can't help but feel that each day spent sitting still is one more day they're coming to rob me again. Atleast soon I'll have collateral.
We gathered some last minute herbs and returned for the feast. The spirits rest ran an excellent main course. We spoke and luaghed as old friends do, but as we left the tavern we noticed that something was awry. The scarecrows, they had moved. Changed. I asked others, they claim the scarecrows weren't touched by the hands of the local flavor. Something was off here, and it was soon we had discovered that the infection we experienced the night before wasn't over. As the foggy Dew rolled across the valley, the bodies of scarecrows broke off of their crosses and marched towards the tavern. They grabbed farm implements, sharp and dangerous. The 3rd Mixed was ready. Long gone were the days when we were assailed by the legions of Ahool. Now we were a well trained force to be reckoned with. My blade made purchase with many bodies, cleaving from one scarecrow to another. Their straw bodies were lit aflame with spiritual enchantments, and the sound of hundreds of squealing and screeching grubs filled me with relief. Our scouts snuck by, finding the source of the infection, and went to grab the remainder of the lead poisoning. They moved into position, and the 3rd Mixed Regiment served as the Vanguard against the horde before us, but we were wounded. A scarecrow jumped on me, and began ripping into my abdomen with its sharp scythe. If it had not been for my gambeson and plate, I would probably had not survived the attack. The Medicus rescued me, got me back on my feet, and I returned to the field of battle. So close to the source, I swung my sword in wide arcs, knocking the larger scarecrows away as we advanced. Once the led poured into the swarms nest, Albrect, the witty Alchemist, dropped in a few firebombs. The swarm stopped emerging, and we burnt the rest of the infested scarecrows. Our duty was done, and the 3rd Mixed Regiment has won the day.
Apart from the madness, I had spoke to a few interesting folks that fateful day. The mayor of Leyton was interested in speaking with me on passing legislation. I think it could go a long way into helping restrict the actions of high risk actors. I also spoke with a friend from Ziel. They claimed they wanted freedom for their people. I can respect that, though, it seems they have alterior motives. If I could channel that motivation, and steer them away from the extremes, they may be a chance to make the new world a better place.
Questions still fill my mind. What were these infestations? Are they related to the spirits? Where did these come from? Why had we not seen this before? What did the stranger do with his time in Leyton? Where was he now? Will that book ever get published?
Note: Brandis spoke of a spirit binding ritual. I have a bad feeling about this.

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  1. September 30th, 1619
  2. September 31st, 1619
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September 31st, 1619

Twas Saturday morn when I dinner my armor and went with Brandis to go on patrol once more. The infection was dormant within him, regardless, I needed to be careful. We were tasked to protect a high value target, an Author from the old world. They were wri...

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