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A bugbear named Yoletcha has built herself quite a lair here, using bunk bed frames and bedding to build a central structure. She is proud of her home, filthy as it is, with garbage littering its outskirts like a moat. Unless the PCs make significant noise entering this area, Yoletcha is sitting in her fort arranging the spoils of a recent hunting trip into gruesome if fairly neat piles. The fort’s “walls” are such that the PCs cannot see her inside of it, nor can they hear her, since she’s sorting quietly. This could allow the PCs to sneak up on Yoletcha with a successful Stealth check, or it might allow Yoletcha to hear the unsuspecting PCs and take them by surprise eventually. If the PCs’ attempts to open the eastern doors from outside have alerted her, though, Yoletcha is ready for a fight and uses Stealth for initiative. As soon as she hears the PCs moving about the area, or if they poke their heads inside her home, Yoletcha charges out of the fort and attacks.

Campaign & Party