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Ty Targryn

Level 9 Dragonborn CN Fighter
65 / 91 HP

A silver dragonborn with a great sword and a not-so-great attitude. This soldier endures dungeons seeking to kill him and a society wishing to ignore him. He paves his own destiny through cold rage.

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Ty Targryn

Fighter 9 Class & Level
Soldier Background
Dragonborn Race
CN Alignment

Strength 20
Dexterity 15
constitution 16
intelligence 14
wisdom 15
charisma 9
Total Hit Dice 9
Hit Die
+3 proficiency bonus
+7 Strength
+2 Dexterity
+6 Constitution
+2 Intelligence
+2 Wisdom
-1 Charisma
saving throws
+2 Acrobatics
+2 Animal Handling
+2 Arcana
+8 Athletics
-1 Deception
+2 History
+5 Insight
+2 Intimidation
+2 Investigation
+2 Medicine
+2 Nature
+5 Perception
-1 Performance
-1 Persuasion
+2 Religion
+2 Sleight of Hands
+2 Stealth
+2 Survival

Armor Class
Hit Points
Greatsword +1 1d20+10 [2d6+1d4+6]
Languages: Common, Dragonborn

Tool proficiency: Blacksmithing
As Battlemaster, DC 16
Platemail, Greatsword +1, Maul, Handaxe, Dungeoneer's Pack, Rare Gem
Society will tell you what to be and society doesnt know what it is talking about.
You make your own stars in this world.
Has a sister out there that he is trying to find.
Family is important to him.
Quick to anger.
No respect for authority figures.

Heavy Armor Mastery
Fighting Style Adept (Defense)
Great Weapon Fighting

Dragonburn Fury: +2 damage while injured (factored in damage)
Weapon Focus: +1 to Hit with Greatswords (factored in to-hit)
Weapon Specialization: +1d4 Damage with Greatswords (factored in damage)

Features & Traits

Heroes Enabled

The statblocks of your Weapons, armor and other important/magical equipment


Plate Armor

Heavy Armor Common

Plate consists of shaped, interlocking metal plates to cover the entire body. A suit of plate includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, and thick layers of padding underneath the armor. Buckles and straps distribute the weight over the body.

Type AC STR Req. Stealth Dis. Properties
Heavy 18 15+ YES

Cost: 1,500 gp Weight: 65 lb



Melee Weapon Heavy, Two-Handed Common

Type Damage Damage Range Properties
Martial 2d6 Slashing Heavy, Two-Handed

Cost: 50 gp Weight: 6 lb

Heavy Armor Master

Proficiency with heavy armor

You can use your armor to deflect strikes that would kill others. You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your Strength score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • While you are wearing heavy armor, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage that you take from non magical weapons is reduced by 3.

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The major events and journals in Ty's history, from the beginning to today.

Ty joins the ranks of Heroes!

Ty enters the scene of legendary heroes! Welcome to the family of the Eternals!

10:45 pm - 23.05.2019

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Ty.

Played by

Other Characters by BucklandRPG