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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Kealladius

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As new found adventurers you have been invited to the wonderful Wizard School of Enchanting located in Bogtown. Bogtown is a small village set at the edge of current civilization. Over a thousand years ago the great Elven empire (Enyserine Empire) left these lands after the brutal Portal Wars. The Portal Wars were a brutal war with demons that devastated many old towns and cities. Many of the old towns and cities have since been overgrown by both vegetation and demons among other things. Their secrets still withheld. The presiding master Enchanter Faethanlis recently came into posession of an ancient text noting the location of a few ancient ruins. He is looking to hire out an adventuring company to investigate these ruins and bring back its treasures and historical texts to be examined at the wizard school. Setting: Medieval Setting where characters must fight to survive and make a name for themselves. The wilds of Kirthing are said to be infested with long forgotten monsters, demons left over from the Portal Wars, and vampires whom escaped the wrath of the Blood Wars, among many other things. You will be playing as an adventuring company hired to explore and retrieve artifacts, relics, history and glory. Origins: The campaign begins in Bogtown, which begs the question: Are you a native, or did events conspire to bring you here? Following are some likely origin stories for your character. Once you’ve chosen or concocted a story for your character, you can begin to hash out the details with the DM. You're Bogtown Born You were born either in Bogtown or its surrounding area. Your family lives in town and either fishes, forages, tends a modest garden, or runs a small business. You are friends with just about everyone in town, although you’ve probably forged a very close bond with at least one local citizen. If you are a human between the ages of 17 and 25, you may choose to be the son or daughter of the Magistrate Sir Gobel Kell Paladin of the order of the Crimson Cross, giving you a fair amount of local clout. Your father is a shrewd leader and has taken great pains over the years to tame the wilds enough to keep people of Bogtown safe. Your mother is passed away about 10 years ago from a black shafted arrow in the back that was laced with some exotic poison. No one has ever found her killer to this day. If you are a halfling between the ages of 17 and 25, you may have had a troubled older or younger brother named Perrin who disappeared four years ago. Perrin broke the law when he persuaded two other local youths (a human boy named Jesper and a half-elf girl named Vazia) to join him on an expedition to the ruins atop Serpent Hill. No one is allowed there by order of the magistrate. Perrin and his friends never returned, and the magistrate refused to send a hunting party to find them. If you are a tiefling, you may choose to be the son or daughter of Torex the Innkeeper. Torex settled down here in Bogtown shortly before you were born. Some say that your mother was exiled years ago for dabbling in the dark arts and is said to be living somewhere out in the wilds far to the North. If you are a human wizard, you may choose to be the son or daughter of Faethanlis, who is the head of the local chapter Zirine, Institute Of Enchantments and Meister of Bogtown.   You're Forsaken You are an exile seeking to start a new life by carving out a name forself in this untamed land. Barbarian - You are originally from the country of Fultarnia to the North. You have been exiled from your tribe and seek to redeem yourself. If you are a dragonborn, you may be the son or daughter of parents who were exiled from the country of Rhun. One or both of your parents may have been pirates or outspoken opponents of the Dragovar monarchy. In either case, they probably figured you’d be safer in a country far from the rest of the Dragovar empire.   Elven historian You are an ambassador sent to Kirthing to record and perserve the history of the old Enyiserine Empire. If you are an Elf, you may be the son or daughter of Dalos of House Cirana. Your Father is an ambassador from the old Enyiserine Empire. He is responsible for finding and recording the lost history.   None of the Above Perhaps you’ve come to Bogtown for entirely different reasons. As a result, you may or may not have forged strong ties with the community. Some brief suggestions are listed below: Someone you care about went missing after making pointed threats against Dalos of House Cirana and the old Enyserine Empire. You swindled or double-crossed a high priest of the Cult of the Red Star named Lydia Tarabshanon. You still have in your posession a ruby broach that gives you mystical powers. You’ve opted to lay low until things blow over. Hopefully by then, you’ll have found some protection . . . or some way to make amends. The church of Lathander has sent you to Bogtown to assist the local priest, Grosvenor Veyron. He specifically requested “someone gifted with an adventurous spirit.” Grosvenor believes that certain townsfolk are blessed with an adventurous nature that will soon manifest, but they need Lathander’s assistance to survive their travails. You are the one Brother Grosvenor hopes will help these other adventurers “safely walk the dark path.” You had a vivid dream about a silver dragon. It asked you to travel to Bogtown and locate a man named Gobel Kell. The dragon in your dreams sounded real enough, and also claimed that the rewards for your success would be great. If you are a Warforged, you were recently found in the swamps. Your have lost most of your memories but still have a vague image of snake like creatures guarding a vast library of elven architecture that is crumbling. You have in your posession a piece of parchment that you cannot decipher.

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Fri 30th August 2019 16:00

Safeguarding Bogtown

Fri 16th August 2019 16:15

Swamp Patrol

Tue 6th August 2019 16:00

The search for Aeryn Kell

Sun 28th July 2019 16:00

One Fallen and one Rescued

Sun 21st July 2019 16:00

Session 1 Warpigs first adventure

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18th Aug 2019

Murder mystery at Bogtown

Murder mystery at Bogtown

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