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Age of Ashes

A Pathfinder 2e game In the world of Ashes (September 2020)
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The Protagonists
Alven Shootsfar
level 5-Level Scout Ranger

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Akosa of the Hawk Clan My mother is of the River Clan
    An Ekujae scout and former freedom fighter. He has romantic interests in Jahsi. He was imprisoned at Whitebridge Station. This is a former Aspis Consortium outpost that enslaved Ekujae elves to mine gold in brutal conditions and desecrated the elves’ corpses by turning them into zombies, until the Ekujae finally overcame the outpost’s defenses and massacred every Aspis member inside.
    “Armiger Alak Stagram of the Order of the Nail. Formerly of Citadel Altaerein, currently of Citadel Vraid in Varisia.”
  • Belmazog
    Leader of the Cinderclaw Cultists -- that the cult is shipping tainted gold to a group of strange foreigners in payment for helping the cult's leader -- Belmazog.
    Calmont is, of course, the bookseller’s apprentice who started the fire during the Call for Heroes, and his capture is one of the tasks the council assigned to the PCs.
  • Helba
    the Bumblebrashers’ chieftain
  • JAHSI of the Leopard Clan, my mother is of the River Clan
    Keledi is an Ekujae word for someone of great purity who cannot be debased by corruption; it is often applied to heroes and champions.
  • Kyrion
    Red dragon freed from sacrifice in the Fortress of Sorrow from Cinderclaw Cult
    A respected diplomat and lorekeeper for one of the most prestigious Ekujae clans, Nketiah carries heavy burdens from both sides of her family: unpayable debt to her mother, and an unyielding duty from her father.
    Renali could act as a scout and even an ambassador while the PCs traverse the Mwangi Expanse. Given her knowledge of local flora and fauna, she can also give them information about the creatures and monsters they encounter in that nation.
  • Voz Lirayne
    She’s a necromancer who practices that dark art in isolated locales—such as the crypts of Citadel Altaerein on Hellknight Hill. She is also a secret worshipper of Norgorber who hopes to finance the creation of a combination assassin’s guild and necromancy school in that deity’s honor.
  • Warbal Bumblebrasher
    Warbal Bumblebrasher is Breachill’s esteemed ambassador from the Bumblebrasher tribe, which has lived for several generations near (and more recently within) Citadel Altaerein.

Plllar Hunting

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 29th February 2020 12:00

Final Pillar Destruction and Fortress of Sorrow

The party will assault the Red Pillar and approach the Fortress of Sorrow

Sat 22nd February 2020 12:00


Sat 15th February 2020 12:00

More PIllars to Destroy

Jungle exploration and pillar demolition continues

Sat 1st February 2020 17:00

Mining Totem

Party at the Mine and not defeated Totem

Sat 11th January 2020 12:30

Aftermath of Hezle Encounter at the Mine

How will Hezle help the party?

Sat 4th January 2020 12:00

Mine Takedown?

Day 28, will the party conquer the mine?

Sat 21st December 2019 13:00

Day 18 Half Orcs

Sat 30th November 2019 12:00

Session 5 Saturday Jungle Crawling

Nov 30th continuing exploring the Jungle

Sat 9th November 2019 16:00

Hellknight Hill Finale

The end of the Hell Knight Hill Module in the Age of Ashes Adventure Path

Sessions Archive

28th Dec 2019

Day 20 Further Exploration

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7th Dec 2019

Jungle Bungle

More hijinx in the Mwangi Expanse (perhaps no temples will be destroyed this time)

Read the Report
29th Nov 2019

Session 4, Expedition into the Mwangi Expanse

What secrets and dangers does the jungle hold?

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23rd Nov 2019

Arkrivel Festival

Party tours Arkrivel and has a Festival

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16th Nov 2019

Session 2: Introduction to the Mwangi Expanse

The beginning of the second module of Age of Ashes -- Cult of Cinders

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