Westden Stories

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Torar
5/1/20001 A.E. | Full

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  • Lyre Valley
    Westden rests in the center of the great Lyre Valley. At the northern end of the Lyre Valley, the land rises into the forested foothills of the Jotunhav Range Mountains. Therein lies hidden the lost Valley of the Shrines and the enigmatic Forest Kingdoms of the elves, and beyond them the infamous Stoneheart Mountain Dungeon.   Situated throughout the Lyre Valley are various places for intrepid heroes to explore. The Citadel of Griffins and the Citadel of Ravens sit atop hills within view of the city proper. Nestled nearer to the city along the eastern slopes of the valley lies the great Vinewood estate and winery. The southwestern edge of the valley is broader and more gradual, opening to the tumultuous Borderlands, and to the southeast of the town is the rough-and-tumble, ever-changing Tent City. Several wilderness outposts also dot the Black Road connecting the cities of Kintalla and Sendrellar here, at Westden.
Supporting Cast
  • Andrigor The Protector
    Archmage of the Wizards Guild, Burgher of Westden, Dominion Arcane Chairman, and Fellow of Note, Andrigor is a widely known and respected figure throughout the city of Westden. A recluse who rarely is seen outside of his prominent Market District tower, he tutors only mages who have a personal recommendation from Cylyria or a guildmaster.
  • Angwyn "Angie" Maddock
    Former shipmate of Gnar, this tiefling eldritch knight is a stalwart ally. She hunts constantly for her sister Fenaria, whom she is convinced has been enchanted or brainwashed into doing the bidding of the Old One she serves. When not at the Welcome HQ, she can usually be found patrolling the streets of Westden with Sorel, trying to make a difference any way she can.
  • Asmarisa
    Beautiful, deadly succubus bard
  • Asparagus Whitesocks
    Exiled tabby cat, traitor and attempted regicide.
  • Azam The Wanderer
    Azam is a friendly, wise middle-aged man who was once a guide through the Anauroch Desert (including guiding Wesley across it), but now ranges across a much larger area, looking to help those beset by the lawless and opportunistic denizens of the lands. He harbors a deep and abiding sadness after the loss of his companion Hsing at the hands of hobgoblins, and has an unending anger toward their kind.
  • Brelliar The Conjurer
    An elderly, powerful conjurer, Brelliar lives in the Middle Ring of the Hill District. Mentor and landlord to Ness, he was restored by the combined efforts of Wesley and Ness when they reversed a curse she herself had placed on him. Friendly, intelligent, and perhaps a little kooky, Brelliar is a powerful ally to have.
  • Cera Kamalla
    A druidess of the dreaming circle and granddaughter of Domri the Treant, Cera was saved from Bellview by [hero:2fd24e35-fcec-4600-b618-6c34b6ef50ba], where she had gone to investigate the jade idol and its corrupting effects on nature. Since then she has begun a spiritual walkabout, wandering the wilds of the world in an effort to find her own path.
  • Crystal Beltumur
    Cat burglar and spy in the employ of Laurianne Danyr, Crystal's family comes from the distant and insular Emerald Empire, though she was born and raised in Lados. A snarky, 'too cool for school' yet highly skilled thief, she can be a valuable ally when the order of the day is secrecy. Paramour of [hero:ca5457f9-0293-408f-be85-e8348673aa80]
  • Dayton Wyatt
    Vampire who was captured and tortured by Margaux.
  • Dolf Grovebranch of the Bloodhand Tribe
    A mountain of an orc, Dolf is quiet, intense, and handsome. A monster hunter and the champion warrior of the Bloodhand tribe of orcs, this savvy warrior and his flaming greataxe Dragonwing have seen the end of hundreds of monsters around the Lyre Valley. Paramour of Wilhelm Sinclair.
  • Elda Jayra
    "Priestess" of Yue, this celestial warlock is a bright, cheery person who is quick to approach and speak to everyone, which is often followed by good-natured talk of Yue.
  • Fenaria Maddock
    Sister of Angwyn Maddock.
  • Fifi Candlestick
    A fiery pixie, Fifi has a warm but unpredictable personality. Rescued from being an offering to a swamp witch by Wilhelm and Harmonia, she has since returned to the Summer Lands from which she was previously exiled.
  • Garlax Twolives
    Garlax died and was resurrected by the power of the miracle child Markus near Elmwood, the process of which turned his scales pure white. He followed Kristoph Silver from Elmwood back to Westden to learn how to become a hero so he can protect his tribe, the Pierced Snouts.
  • Granny Rose
    This kind, if seemingly addled, old woman showed up one day in the Welcome secret HQ. Always one with a kind word, a wise piece of advice, and almost certainly some delicious food, she has integrated herself into the structure of Welcome without difficulty.
  • Harmonia
    tan-skinned, white-haired satyr girl with curling rams horns, Harmonia embodies what it means to be a party girl. Armed with a crossbow and rapier but wearing little more than a halter top and a cloth hanging between her legs, she has a tendency to invade personal space, bounding joyfully from tabletop to tabletop rather than simply walking from one place to another. Rarely seen without a drink of some kind or stuffing her face with food both savory and sweet, the goat-girl is always the life of the party and the absolute bane of anyone with a hangover... herself included.
  • Jared Strahn
    The Bishop of Mitra in Westden, Father Strahn is the highest ranking Mitran priest in Lados outside of Kingsgardt. He aided the Welcome crew in rescuing the Helltrapped from Avernus, and has an outstanding agreement with Laurianne Danyr that any Welcome member who perishes can be resurrected once for free.
  • John Taggart
    Handsome pirate captain of the Sea Devil.
  • Laurianne Danyr
    Maestro of Thunder Hall, Chancellor of Fatima's College of Arts, Burghess of Westden, Founder of Welcome, and Fellow of Note. Laurianne is an accomplished bard and politician, as well as a savvy businesswoman. She is responsible for the creation of the Welcome organization and provides the org with a clear way through the bureaucratic red tape of the city's laws. Her network of informants and allies provide the org with its missions.
  • Lumin Fetterbond
    A gnomish diviner, Lumin and Gnar worked together to seal the White Well and prevent catastrophe from befalling the world. Now working in the Westden Wizards Guild, he tirelessly researches methods to permanently seal the Well so the forces of Chaos within can never escape.
  • Magnolia "Mags" Montresor
    Paramour of Capt. Taggart and competent quartermaster and sailor, ex-first mate of Tjorvi.
  • Margaux Duret
    A handsome elvish woman, Margaux is a necromancer who seeks to find a cure for undeath. Having traveled with Rolling Coconut from east of the Towers, she now resides in the Westden Wizards Guild, continuing her research.
  • Micetro
    Rat Boss of Westden, enemy of Morpholomew.
  • Millano The Magnificent
    Once a powerful transmuter, now resurrected as a golem out of the remains of his own tower.
  • Morpholomew
    The King of Cats, Emissary of Maestro Danyr, and Fellow of Note. Morpholomew wears many hats within the organization and is known for his enigmatic yet regal demeanor, as well as his ability to seemingly appear and vanish at will.
  • Ness Shatterbone
    A friendly, chipper dwarven artificer, this auburn haired, freckle-faced woman has appointed herself the big sister of Wesley Sinclair, and always looks out for the socially awkward mage. When not in the Welcome HQ she can usually be found in her lodgings at Brelliar the Conjurer's home in the Hill District.
  • Pam
    Pam is a white-furred yak-minotaur druid who hails from far-away Orclund. Having traveled to Lados, they met Rue and Helvetica in Caer Moray and traveled with them to Westden. A friendly, almost motherly influence, Pam is happy to weave anyone an accessory from their own warm fur.
  • Pearl Voss
    First mate of Capt. Taggart.
  • Ruë Silithildë
    Rue is a stoic elven arcane archer who at a glance embodies the essence of high-elvenness. Though she has a rocky relationship with her people, she is still proud of her heritage. She met Pam and Helvetica in Caer Moray and traveled with them ever since. She harbors a deep mistrust for lycanthropes.
  • Saphoy
    Saphoy is the quick-witted, foul-mouthed, world-weary pre-teen who claims to have built and runs the Wizard's Familiar inn in Westden. Almost exclusively communicating through his butler, who also sees to the needs of the inn's guests, even the truth of his existence is little more than rumor.
  • Sorel Bisset
    Sorel is a human woman of cinnamon-colored skin, smokey eyes, and short black hair. She dresses in dark reds and has a red scabbard holding a blade at her hip and a rosewood crossbow on her back. She's always polite but doesn't stand on ceremony, and thus comes off as friendly and open despite a guardedness to her eyes. She always has an exciting or inspirational story from her time in the Westden military and as an agent for Maestro Danyr. When not in the Welcome HQ she can usually be found patrolling the city streets with Angie.
  • Stremelin The Traveler
    Stremelin is a haughty wizard, specializing in travel and communications magics at the Westden Wizards Guild. One of the few mages in the city with the power to use such powerful magics as the Sending spell, Stremelin is even more unique in that he's one of only a handful that will sell such services.
  • Tereza Vesely
    Vampire who was captured and tortured by Margaux in search of a cure for undeath.
  • Captain Tjorvi Thurgurson
    A boisterous, jolly, salty dwarven seadog, Tjorvi is captain of the Sea Bear and ally of Levana. Always ready with a story or a song, he's equally as handy with a rapier.
  • Xuan Song
    From the strange Emerald Empire, Sister Song is a Scribe of the High Sanctum of the Scroll. A longtime ally of Levana, she is tall, with a shaven head, blue eyes, and delicate features. She is quiet and respectful, and polite to a fault at times. She is usually seen in her customary yellow monk robes reading a book.

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Wesley Sinclair

Kristoph Silver

Acora Lesser

Viktorya Thatcher

Helvetica Avenir


Elora Xiloscient

Konderath Fortini



Rolling Coconut