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Log 3: And Yet More Goblins

Missions/Quests Completed

Found and destroyed the goblin mining camp, run by the Goblin Naga

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The darkness grew and faded as time passed. The party changed members once again. Rusticus, Zarish, and Tiddles emerged from their bracelets, while Jah and Opal remained in theirs. To the emerged 3 members, it was as if no time had passed at all.   "Hello good friends!" Exclaimed Tiddles the Partizan, ever the friendly bard.   "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU" asked Rusticus, in barbarian fashion. Zarish remained aloof, mentioning "I dont remember people who are below me."   Tiddles was confused, not only because he was suddenly in a different place from where he last remembered, but also because his party members suddenly no longer remembered him. "I'm... the bard? we fought jaxton together"   "Oh, right" replied Rusticus and Zarish. It had been some time since that fight, and they had forgotten the fine details.   Now happily reunited with party members and memories, the trio once again brought out Jaxton's map. Before they had all blacked out into their bracelets, a plan had been set forth between Rusticus, Zarish, and Opal -- retrace their steps East, and then continue East through the Mining Camp + Goblins area. They would stop at the skull and crossbones on the map, before trekking all the way to "Crazy Person, lots of Coins". They explained the plan to Tiddles, who agreed, and they set off.  

Trip 2
by Stormbril
  The party trekked for a few hours, making their way out of the mine. The ground faded from blue gray dust, to red, with large rocks littering the landscape. They were walled off to the north by the great Plateau. In the distance to the east, they could see flickering light. Eventually, the party reached a large open area littered with massive boulders and rocks that blocked their view. Nonplussed, they continued forward, stumbling upon a small clockwork man.   "Stop! Immediately!" it cried in it's mechanical voice   The clockwork man stepped forward, and fired a net at Rusticus.   "NOT THIS AGAIN" he cried   Rusticus shrugged off the net, and charged forward, swinging his large hammer directly into the chest of the clockwork, smashing gears and plates, and denting it's carapace. Zarish stepped forward and splashed acid all over the metal man. Rusticus and Tiddles heard something else metal moving behind one of the boulders, retreating into the distance. Out of the corner of his eye, Zarish saw something dashing to the south. Not wanting to fight at all, Zarish kept this information to himself, thinking it wasn't worth chasing him down.   Rusticus wound up and smashed his hammer downwards again, blasting the metal man into pieces and ending the fight. Despite Zarish keeping what he saw to himself, Rusticus and Tiddles's keen ears picked up metal footsteps rapidly retreating south, away from the plateau. The two of them gave chase while Zarish stayed behind.   Tiddles, with his long human legs, quickly gained the lead, sprinting as fast as he could, leaving the stocky dwarf behind. However, he was too slow as well, as he was only able to glimpse the dust left behind from the fleeing suspect. Eventually they gave up the chase, as whoever was running had made it too far south for them to catch. They weren't sure what was fleeing, nor what it would mean for the future of their expedition.   Shrugging it off, the three of them regrouped, and continued east towards the glowing light they saw. As they walked along side the plateau cliffs, they began to notice more and more tracks in the dirt. It looked like many many footprints, and wheel prints, crossed this area. They began to see crates and mining equipment stacked around the area as well. It appeared to be the mining headquarters.   The party approached the glowing light, seeing that it was behind some wooden barricades. Through the barricades they heard goblin voices, loudly and jovially exclaiming various foods, followed by denials.   "POTATOES!!!!!"   "WROOOOOOOOONG"   Tiddles snuck forward, peering around the barricades as stealthily as possible. There was a couple goblin soldiers, a full goblin troop, 3 Goblin Dogs , a goblin ranger, and a goblin tamer plus its cougar.   "DRUMSTICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   "RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!"   "I GOTTA PISS"   As Tiddles surveyed the scene, he looked back at his party members who remained in the shadows, and begun hand signaling what he saw. He made many various shapes with his hands, hoping that the meaning got across to the confused barbarian and arcanist behind.   One of the goblin soldiers approached the barricades, and dropped his goblin pants. Breathing in deep, he surveyed the scene while beginning to piss. Hit with sudden amazing perception skills, he spotted the bard to his right, and heard the breathing of 2 more behind.   "INTRUDERS!!!" screamed the goblin, who hastily began putting his massive goblin member back in his pants.   Immediately the goblin troop and soldier surged forward, running towards the barricades which the adventurers hid behind. The goblin tamer pulled out a wand, and swung it toward Tiddles, producing flame on the bards body.     "Ow fuck, fire!" Tiddles yelled.   Seeing his companion being lit on fire immediately sent Rusticus into a rage, while Zarish buffed himself. Rusticus stepped forward, and grabbed on of the wooden barricades. The 4' something dwarf lifted this 8' x 8' hunk of wood, and hurled it at the goblin ranger. The barricade struck true, and exploded into splinters all over the ranger, knocking him prone. This enraged the goblin dogs, who surged towards the surly dwarf.   Zarish, done with buffing himself, calmly lobbed a fireball into the center of the goblins camp. The fire exploded in a massive radius, catching the troop, soldier, tamer, and cougar in it's explosion. Everyone took massive damage, with the cougar lighting on fire and making horrible noises. It seemed like half of the goblin troop outright died, but it was hard to tell how many were alive and how many were dead.   Tiddles stepped backward and begun playing a rhythmic beat to invigorate his companions, providing them combat bonuses.   Rusticus, finding himself under attack by goblin dogs, began to swing his hammer back and forth. The mangy little goblin dogs, more like overgrown rats, could not withstand his hammer. Their bones and bodies failed them as the huge piece of metal rained down upon them.   In the darkness beyond the fire, something stirred.   The goblin ranger, previously prone via wooden barricade, stood back up, only to be knocked down once again via Zarish slinging more firepower. Tiddles turned his attention to the burnt soldiers and troops who advanced upon him, and he let loose an auditory assault, shaking a few of them to literal pieces as they died.   Suddenly out of the darkness, a small orange bead streaked into the space between Tiddles, Zarish, and Rusticus, erupting into a massive ball of fire. All three of them were quick on their feat, and managed to dodge most of the flames, taking only minor singes to their skin.   Ignoring the shadows, Zarish tossed another fireball into the goblins midst, obliterating most of the forces. Only a member or two of the goblin troop remained alive, while the tamer died to the fire. The cougar, wounded and flaming, streaked off to the north, fleeing now that it's master was dead. Both goblin soldiers succumbed to their wounds, falling and fading into soul coins.   Finally the creature in the shadows revealed it's self. Streaking forward with unnatural speed, the Goblin Naga advanced. Unintelligible gibberish in goblin-speak spewed out of it's mouth, as it angrily looked at the 3 adventurers killing it's goblin workers.     The Goblin Naga lifted it's head, and fired a black ray of energy at Tiddles, who resisted the energies as best he could. He still felt his strength sapped from it. Rusticus dispatched the rest of the goblin dogs, and goblin ranger, while Zarish summoned a lightning cloud on top of the Naga. However the naga was too fast, and it dodged the electricity coming from the cloud.   The Naga slithered forward once again, looping past Rusticus and coming up around behind the party, firing red hot rays of energy at Zarish, burning portions of the arcanist. Zarish angrily tossed acid bolts at the Naga, who shrugged them off. Tiddles bashed his drum and sent more waves of agonizing sound out, managing to vibrate some pain into the Naga.   The Naga sped towards the source of it's pain, wrapping its self around the bard, and begun to constrict. The sharp spines on the goblin snake punctured Tiddles's light armor, piercing deep into the bards skin, poisoning him. Tiddles could feel his energy depleting while taking damage.   Rusticus, not wanting to get too close to the scary spiky snake, grabbed another massive wooden barricade. He looked at Tiddles, who was close to death, and saw a look in the bards eyes that seemed to say "holy fuck please please please don't hit me"   The barbarian wound up, and threw the giant piece of wood with all the strength and accuracy he contained, and nailed the Goblin Naga straight in the face. Wood shattered everywhere, miraculously missing the grappled bard. The naga had blood pouring from it's mouth, eyes, and ears, and it released Tiddles. Zarish began throwing more spells at the Naga, managing to scour it with some acid.   The Goblin Naga, confused, and on it's last legs, cast one more bolt of fire at Rusticus, burning parts of him. Tiddles, barely standing, let loose one last blast of sound, liquefying the Goblin Naga's brain, and killing the monster. However, Tiddles was still poisoned, and as it coursed through his veins, it sapped the last of his energy, and knocked him unconscious.   Tiddles lay on the ground, bleeding out, while Rusticus and Zarish stood by.   "You do magic! can you heal him??" asked Rusticus   Zarish angrily replied "I'm not a fuckin white mage! I cast damage, not healing, that's below me." He looked around the goblin camp, and spotted a chest to the north of the fire, and headed in that direction.   Rusticus began to look around as well, before spotting the bag left behind by the goblin tamer. Inside he found a few fireworks and red potion bottles. Not even stopping to consider what was in them, he poured the contents into the dying bard's mouth.   Tiddles, coughing, woke up, and immediately grabbed one of the 3 health potions he had sitting in his bag, and drank deeply, thinking to himself "holy fuck" and "we need a healer"   Zarish peered into the chest, finding a nice potion, scroll, shield, and some magic rope that can be attached to a surface, and used to pull up to the 3 people up. Rusticus rummaged through the other packs left on the ground, finding a couple elixirs of tree shape and speak to animals. The party shared some of the loot between them, while Zarish kept the magic rope for himself.   Seeing as they were at a pre-made camp, the three of them lay down for some well earned rest. Upon waking up, they decided to modify their course of action, and instead of proceeding directly to the skull and crossbones on the map, made plans to stop at the City of Assholes as marked on the map.   They walked for a few hours before finding themselves next to a large brick wall jutting out of the plateau cliffs. Tall round guard towers were placed along the wall in even intervals. Tiddles listened carefully, and heard the sounds of a guard patrol around the corner of the wall. He sneakily walked forward, with Rusticus behind him, and Zarish bringing up the far rear. As Tiddles approached the corner, a guard in mages armor stepped around the corner.   Rusticus panicked, and slammed back his elixir of tree shape, becoming a tree.   Tiddles thought fast and began rhythmically playing a song on his drum, captivating the guard.   "Hey thats pretty neat!" Said Bruce, the guard.   Bruce's guard captain saw that Bruce randomly stopped walking. The Guard Captain walked over to investigate, and Tiddles quickly included the Guard Captain in his spell.   "That IS neat!" said the Guard Captain.   Tiddles changed the rhythm of his beat a bit, intending to make the two guards think of him as a friend. The guard captain immediately agreed, while Bruce the Guard remained untrusting, but still captivated by the neat music.   The drum banged.   The Guards watched.   Rusticus was a tree.   Time stopped.

Tower of Souls
Report Date
05 Oct 2019
Primary Location
The Floor of Strength
Secondary Location
Goblin Mining Camp

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