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Sweepers of The Night

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Petrovik
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"It is true, that dark evils stalk the shadows of Petrovik...   For too long have we relied upon conventional means of justice when it comes to the dark magic and cruel monstrosities that emerge from our darkest places, that accost us in the night, that force our people to live in fear and harbour paranoia towards their fellow citizens!   I say to these abominations: We will not be your quarry! You understand nothing of us, our people, our fortitude. You underestimate the viciousness of the provoked Petrovian!   Those who represent our righteous rebuttal stand before me today. I see sharp blades and sharper minds! I see a shining torch of freedom and justice, whose flame will fear no alley or monster's den! I see custodians of everything Petrovik stands for! And as of today, I see Nightsweepers.   Nightsweepers! Your bill has passed and now I call upon you, as your Queen and as your comrade: Seek the evil that wants not to be found! Call its name! Strike justice through its blackened heart!   The path may be long, the roots may run deep. But I urge you to commit fully to your duty. Our great city needs you. Give our people back the city they deserve, so that we may all walk free upon the soil so enriched by countless generations of Petrovian blood that even the earth itself sings our blessing!   For Crown and Comrade! For Petrovik!"   - Queen Lucia Gorovich's 1765 Nightsweeper Initiative commencement speech

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Captain Vladislav Dracula
    A sallow yet imposing figure, Vladislav is believed to be the last vampire in existence. Vladislav has classical vampiric characteristics: Long, oily black hair, translucent pale skin, and sharp cat-like green eyes. Vladislav is a captain of a Nightsweeper unit in Petrovik, concerned with justice above all.

The Protagonists

Demetri Valentine

Level 3 Human CG Bard
(Witch Hunter)
/ 24 HP