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Moreshot WW2: The Baxter Ladies investigate!

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Chronologium
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As per request of my players, another spin-off in the world of Moreshot/Chronologium but about 70 years earlier in the time of the World War II.

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Sessions Archive

12th Jun 2021

Session 5: Surprise, surprise!

Lost horses and popped questions? Solution: let's ask mom to bake a cake for the vicar.

8th Jun 2021

Session 4: Shadow dogs and new children -selfmade!

It has proven out to be quite a conundrum: who has been stealing stuff? And the dress that was stolen, was brought back... but why? A thief with guilty conscience?

28th May 2021

Session 3: Chickens lost and found, carrots not so much

There's been thievery in the village! Someone or something has been stealing vegetables -and one very brace chicken- around.

21st May 2021

Session 2: Getting settled

The children are slowly getting settled down and used to the country life, but rumours of thievery disrupt the peace of sleepy village of Beaulieu.

15th May 2021

Session 1: Evacuating children and talking with horses

The Baxter Ladies arrive in London, meet children and tackle bombs! Oh my!

The Protagonists

Lady Jacqueline Elizabeth Graham

Mrs. Margaret Rosemary Baxter

Firbolg (Folk Hero)
Druid 6
45 / 45 HP