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session 3: the great Arkensaw escape Report

General Summary

after the kidnapping of Aaron and the large attack in the night by the yuan-ti, the players have the yuan-ti Ra' sala Snsi as their captive. the players deciding to interrogate Ra finds out that he is a yuan-ti slaver and has captured many slaves for Zhukolu who the players believe is their god but really he is just as mortal as the party but intends to become the living God. in addition the party saves Aaron and meets a man named wesh-tek ongolo who is the captain of a merchant ship and the last survivor of his crew. after some comforting for wesh-tek and interrogation for ra, josh constructs a mud hut for the party to spend the night, however, joe and Liam decide to part ways with the party and get to their escape early, however what they learn is survival in limited numbers is dangerous and find out the hard way by getting attacked by a displacer beast. as joe and Liam struggles for their life, they are saved by a halfling woman Sana while she was tracking a t-rex. after joe and Liam were healed by Sana she reveals that she was watching the party and that she used to be an escapee just like the party, however, her group died and she had nowhere else to go so she lived in the wild honing her druidic ways. after long conversation joe and Liam were sent on dinoback to the party where they were dropped and reunited with the group.

Rewards Granted

josh finds some weapons and keeps Aarons stuff, matt tames a triceratops named stick.

Missions/Quests Completed

the party has travelled a day and a half towards their destination of dengos shack

Character(s) interacted with

  • the party interacted with wesh-tek and found out that he is a captain of a merchant ship which had shipwrecked after a massive storm hit their ship, most of his crew were captured by the yuan-ti or killed in the storm, he along with his crew was tortured almost every day by the yuan-ti, in the end, he was the only one left of his crew as they had all been sacrificed, and he wants to go back home to his family in port kitawaki
  • the party interacted with Ra'sala Snsi, and found out that he is a slaver who captures people who wander too far into the jungle, he wants to serve his master Zhukolu well but has failed him by not being able to get enough slaves, he wishes that all the players die once the zhukolu has become a true god.
  • -the party interacted with stick, and found out she was captured by the yuan-ti, and was later tamed by matt.

    Created Content

    stick the triceratops, Azul wesh-teks daughter,


    will character is introduced when he failed to be sneaky so he gets defensive when matt investigates. however, will is welcomed to the group by the party members and will makes himself at home.

    the return of the two spheres
    Report Date
    03 Sep 2019
    Primary Location

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