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session 1: the great arkensaw escape Report

General Summary

the players have just escaped the prison and had run into the Forrest where they have to now face the harsh reality of the Torenten jungle. their goal is to find dengos shack which is residence to a man named dengo who fishes and sells his seafood to the prison and owns the seashell, the only safest escape of the island of Syed.

Rewards Granted

given the player's equipment back after the escape from prison, given josh lots of drugs, given players diary of the old survivors describing the players.

Missions/Quests Completed

they have completed a 1 day worth of travel to the destination of dengos shack.

Character(s) interacted with

heard some guards talk about a beast in the forest and that they have to go around (the beast is Xaxat)

Created Content

  • dogs and guards chased the party and failed to capture them
  • the party are now known as the arkensaw six and are wanted all across Torrent
  • -


    -they have 5 days left of travel   -Liam's character gets burned by joes burning hands to free his wings from the chains and gets hurt. but josh saves him. liam's character is severely burnt.  

  • players make camp for the night
  • players know about a great beast prowling the jungle. ( which is Xaxat but they don't know that yet)
  • Campaign
    the return of the two spheres
    Report Date
    29 Aug 2019
    Primary Location

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