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The Grand Marches

A Pathfinder 2e game In the world of Sundered Cosmos
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Long have the Heavens quaked in the echos of the Worldbreaker's smite. in the light escaping the fissures in the sky, Some have seen the spectrum of possibilities; they theorize they traverse into those realities.

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Fri 29th January 2021 17:00

Session 2 What do we do Next?

Fresh off of the collapse of the mine walls that crushed Jakk; Is the party going to cure the plague? How will they get paid with Nicholas Dead?

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9th Oct 2021

Braving The Plague

Six wayward travelers are hired by the Jaskiir to retrieve the son of a Gufar of Uzrush,

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21st Sep 2019

Blades in the Dark

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The Protagonists