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In the world of Galaxies End

March 3rd, 581 AST

This story is told by

The Republic of Sion, a human nation of 5 inter-dependent states in the Milky Way galaxy, has existed as an independent entity for many centuries. Recently, however, the Republic has found itself the political battleground of two neighboring human superpowers vying for the allegiance and control of the nation: The authoritarian stratocracy called the United Arshan Federation and the xenophobic dystopia known as the Sol Empire.   Recent internal politics within the Republic have led to growing popularity in certain isolationist factions within the relatively isolated state of Meric, located on the outer edge of known human space. One faction, led by Ceruis Maileoy, has taken to new tactics where the state's weaker political power has failed: Destabilization of international relations through terrorist attacks, espionage, and propaganda.   The ARV Deshevo, a newly christened lone corvette from the UAF's Echo Squadron, has been commissioned in a joint Arshan-Sionian operation to investigate and dismantle this separatist faction.

The Protagonists

Sessions List

Past Session

20th Aug 2019

Chapter 1: Introducing the Crew and Mission

Already in session - The crew of the ARV Deshevo meet their command staff and learn their mission while conducting a series of field performance tests on the ship itself, and the experimental Sionian computer AI system deployed to the Deshevo.

Lore & Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
  • Ceruis Maileoy
    A powerful Sionian woman from the Republic state of Meric, and the leader of the Sionian Isolationist Movement. Maileoy is the first name to come to mind when you mention isolationism or separatists for both Sionians and Arshans.
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