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Eberron: A Curriculum of Chaos

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Eberron
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  • Map of Aundair
    A detailed map of the Aundairian kingdom as used by me.
  • Map of Khorvaire
    This is the map of the entire continent of Khorvaire, the primary continent of adventure for the world of Eberron.
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Sessions Archive

19th Jun 2022

Session 4: Campus Daredevils

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21st Feb 2022

Session 3: Work Hard, Play Harder

Our wizard college co-eds find time amidst studying to take a night off at the Bow's End Tavern for some fun-- when chaos erupts.

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28th Jan 2022

Session 2: Frog's the Word

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30th Dec 2021

First Day on Campus

A session zero for understanding the game, crafting characters, and getting into the orientation for the school.

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