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Emerald City Knights

A Mutants & Masterminds game In the world of The Freedomverse
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This introduces the new Emerald City setting, a Pacific Northwest city in the World of Freedom and an event that changes the course of history in Emerald City, with far-reaching implications for the entire world. The story is designed to take a group of new heroes, forge them into a team, and give them the opportunity to become Emerald City’s de facto protectors. Ultimately, the new heroes are faced with a tremendous challenge and an opportunity to save, not only their city, but the entire world!

This story is told by



  • Emerald City
Supporting Cast
  • Chief of Police Marcus Toliver
    Chief Toliver is a tall, dignified African-American gentleman, looking a good decade less than his 55 years. The player characters won’t encounter him until after the Storm-related emergencies are under control and they’ve received the cold shoulder from most of the rest of the plainclothes division.

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22nd Feb 2020


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The Protagonists

Rocky Jones

Vortex Matthew McDonald

Jessica Prentiss

Dragoneye Longwei Chin

Kid Robot

Jiff Gulblum