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The High Seas Archipelago

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Tomeria
September 6th 2020 | Full
A mystical veil discovered by a lone Empire ship turns what was a lost course into a new and bountiful discovery. A magically charged Archipelago untamed and uninhabited save for the small local Genasi population. Within several years there is now a booming trade between what became the High Seas Archipelago and The Continent. This causes a mass migration of workers and without a long arm of the law piracy has become rampant across the Archipelago.   This is the setting where the party finds themselves, each with their own goals and stories that remain to be told. Will they go on to help decide the fate of the Archipelago? Will they decide to take advantage of the trade and become pirates? Or will they make philosophical decision and side with The Empire or the resistant forces that are beginning to creep up.   The Archipelago has never been more chaotic and wild.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Alexia Remen
    A peppy, absent minded redheaded alchemist making a living at The Outpost. Known for her exotic uses of nearby plants to make.... flavorful concoctions.
  • Brent Taylor
    Human smith at The Outpost. Works with his friend Gin and is suspicious of Tieflings but knows some are good for business.
  • Dain Cleves
    A slim and frail wizard that deeply cares about saving the Archipelago from meeting the same fate as much of The Continent. Wished to destroy an ancient Forge to prevent it from falling to Grimms hands.
  • Fern Elago
    The mayor of Gildenmound, a old and wizened Earth Genasi that has managed to run the town well even with the large influx of The Continent races. He has also managed to take advantage of the higher amount of trade and large influx of miners and other things at Gaken turning Gildenmound into a much nicer town where many successful miners and business people reside to do business in Gaken.
  • Gaya
    She is a pretty, Earth Genasi teen who works in the washing district of Gildenmound. Her father is Geon who works the Jade Mines.
  • Geon
    A strong and tough Earth Genasi with a large scraggly beard. Works the Jade Mines in Gaken but resides in Gildenound with his large family.
  • Gin Groffer
    A grumpy old cliche dwarf in the Outpost that is the main smithy.
  • Gina
    A sweet, pretty, and tall Earth Genasi that works at the small groto farm just outside of Gildenound. Her father is Greto and she helps him as a single father take care of the other 3 siblings.
  • Goro
    Strong, well kept, and fair shopkeeper and owner of Goro's Jade Shop
  • Gregory Writingham
    Gregory Writingham is a kind middle aged human wizard that brought his family here from The Continent as one of the initial immigrating groups. He settled in Gildenmound after his wife had fell chronically ill and afterwards he devoted himself to studying medicine and combined it with magic and the exotic plants from the area to try and heal her. This started many chaotic experiments and she ended up passing no matter his greatest achievements, leaving the tower they inhabited to just him and his daughter, Esme.
  • Gremory Daughter of Eligos
    Beautiful, deadly, devil's daughter is back in the overworld fighting demons for unknown reasons. She is ruthless, cunning, and absolutely infatuated with music.
  • Greto
    A slim and wiry Earth Genasi who is a father and potter in Gildenound. Known for his excellent work in shaping Jade which is considered a challenge for Earth Genasi when it comes to magically shaping it.
  • Henry Wright
    A shipwright at The Sailors Smithy. A cheery fellow always nice to people.
  • Lexi Edel
    Petite elven tailor located at The Outpost.
  • Lucas Wilian
    An elven enchanter for the Outpost he is a quiet fellow with a very sharp eye and keen hearing.
  • Mark Sennet
    A handsome father of 5. Known for his large attraction to many women he had many flings before finally slowing down to take care of his children. However it didn't take long before he went back to his old ways and is often found at the tavern trying to pick up new women
  • Phillip Brown
    A human single father of 6. A gruff man who is tired from the long trek to Gaken and back to work the mines for several days a week and then returning to his 6 children.
  • Robert Gray
    A tired dwarf businessman in charge of Grimm operations at Gaken. Constantly tired from fighting the politics and drama in Gaken and the constant new requests from Grimm higher ups.
  • Tanner Morden
    A halfling who owns the leathershop called Tanner's Tannings at The Outpost. Gruff and determined.

Session 4: The new (and improved?) party

Now in Gaken having successufully retrieved Montega's journal the party decided to rest and recover in Gaken before deciding their next move...

Scheduled Sessions

Wed 13th January 2021 10:30

Spinoff Session 1: A rogue and a cleric

While Alondro had suceeded in what he wanted to do at the Plantation, he was now split off from the rest of the party that had aided him and finds himself lost in the Gurund Farmlands...

Sessions Archive

11th Oct 2020

Session 3: The trek to Gaken

After fighting off a Demon Lord in and hordes of devils, the party is crossing the mountains to Gaken to resupply before heading out to catch Montega's tune.

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13th Sep 2020

Session 2: A Soft Reboot and Dantelion's Redemption

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23rd Dec 2017

Session 1: The Plantation

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The Protagonists

Montega Ortyzabel