Introduction/Into the Dark

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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Craton II


This story is told by

Open world, highly personalized campaign for members of my IRL D&D group. The more you interact, the more you’ll find. Remember to roleplay!

The Protagonists
A Shifty Friend
Pandora Vega Diaga (Sadhbh)
Piper Monsoon
Level 10 Half-Orc Bard
/ 56 HP
Level 8 Orc Lawful Evil Paladin (Conquest)
/ 76 HP
Bloated Corpse Rots Beneath a Shrub


Sessions List

Past Session

21st Sep 2019

Session 2: Break

You survived the attack, you’ve got your people. Now how do you leave?

14th Sep 2019

Session 1: Fallout

In the wake of Tezcatlipoca, a war is brewing.

1st Aug 2019

Session 0: WTF is world anvil lads

Lore & Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
  • Engineer Atl Hueytozoztli
    After being taken and held captive in a rebel camp after an aborted research expedition for his friend Nochtli, Atl is now a critical government informant, and out for blood.
  • Nochtli Quecholli
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Maps & Timelines



  • Map of Rough Infrastructure Map: Craton II

    Rough placement of towns/cities by population (pink), biggest railroad lines (red), and sea shipping routes (yellow).

  • Map of Toltecatlan Street Map