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Hunt for Tiamat

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Sallimus
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Supporting Cast
  • Bart Ender
    Simple man, but is essentially the main source of leadership in Astera. He knows everyone and everything in the Primal Range, including Arien, The Goddess of Strength.
  • Benhart Eiris
    a kid compared to the rest, but not unlike the other paladins
  • Brian Cranley
    veteran, old man tropes like "I'm too old for this" also loves alcohol
  • Darius Garyn
    serious, critical, determined
  • Edward, the Wordsmith
    frivolous, comic relief, narcissistic
  • Erina and Henry
    Erina (human) is Jezebel's mother. Henry (half elf) is her () year old son.
  • Father Anthony
    benevolent, kind, shy, unconfident, slowly becoming hardened by events
  • Fenric Pureheart
    strong, old commanding man tropes
  • Fergus
    Dwarf, lively, inventor, wholesome
  • Geth
    not a fan of Darkmeyer rule, former true heir protector, promised to send information, generally serious, sometimes cowardly. Holds honor pretty high.
  • Katherine
    Darius' closer-than-average friend. She wields Odagi's staff of illusion. A tough woman, the first to make it though The Lady of Illusion's gauntlet, but knows when she's outmatched.
  • Kurog
    patient and wholesome for an Uruk
  • Luke and Ayla Dawson
    simple freefolk in character, rather desperate for a home yet has concerns about their current one
  • Hand of Justice, Luxon
    Deadly, ruthless, judgemental Driven by Tiamat after the disappearance of Bahamut. A broken and lost man.
  • Odagi, God of Illusions
    indifferent, silently watching
  • Oglog
    Ogre, slow, smarter than other ogres
  • Rakiz
    energetic stab-mad goblin
  • Razmordius
    Handsome, insane, humorous
  • Sorzin "Silversword"
    Human Witch Hunter. Sorzin is quiet and dismissive. He cares little of the affairs of the world and quite often only seeks ways to show his strength. He was tasked by Elric Encroft with killing Corvo. Upon meeting members of (and what would be) Emberstone, he discovered that he would gain more from joining forces than killing his target. He has been revealed as Flux's former apprentice and with Flux's death, Sorzin is the only known witch hunter on Sallimus. He has a symbiotic relationship with the guild in that he provides his services and membership while they provide specially crafted mutagens to enhance his craft.
  • The Forgotten Squadron
    The party consists of Atala the spearwoman, Dorn the shieldbearer, and Morthos, the tiefling. They're low level but are competent enough for simple quests.
  • The Orchestra of Rebirth
    Originally an unknown force that resurrected boars to carry out an unknown will using an implement that only a goblin could use. The champions hunted them down with what little evidence they had to The Implement Zone, where they eventually discovered the terrorist cult, The Orchestra of Death. After some roughing and convincing, they group converted to non-violent inciters of rebellion under Nadarr Delmirev's direction. Night passed, and by afternoon of the next day, the king of the underground was overthrown. [u]The new administration is as follows:[/u] [b]Slink -[/b] The leader of the newly named Orchestra of Rebirth, and now all of the Implement Zone. Grew up abused by the system, and fought against it as an adult. Not the smartest leader, but is morally true and subservient to the will of the people. [b]Nano - [/b]Prior to the revolution, Nano ran the Black Market. The market was a necessity to up and coming inventors and those who were rejected by the government. It gave life to poor and the needy. As far as the southeast zone was concerned, Nano was their go-to leader - not the king. The man himself did it for his people but still very much enjoyed the extra benefit of being filthy rich, as goblins do. Nano is now the financial adviser to Slink. [b]Lag[/b] - A smaller than average, rather playful, innocent goblin from The Orchestra of Rebirth. [b]Kazmir [/b]- Always has been the supervisor of the department of implement development and filtering.
  • The Sandman
    Looks like code talker, has photosynthesis, searching for peace
  • Thran
    elf, excitable, seeking out constant entertainment, forgetful,
  • Tiamat, Evil Queen of Dragons
    Ruthless, merciless, plays with food