Kruthik Infestations at the Tortoise 1 Report

General Summary

The party picks up a mission to eradicate a kruthik infestation in the Tortoise Conclave near the Tortoise. On the way, they encounter the Captain of the Dusk Patrol who warns them to watch out for aswang. They are ambushed by two ghoul aswang and two blood harpies which they defeat. They get through the checkpoint, Aiden uses 3,561's fame as a distraction to sneak through.

They talk to a Hexworm Wrangler and get details about the infestation. He allows them to go down into the tunnels. They see an adult kruthik and 3561 screams when she sees it. As a result, they attract the attention of 8 young kruthiks in addition to the adult. Almost a TPK! They get out, having used all their spell slots, with 3561 down to 1 HP and 2 of the others down under 10 HP. They go back to the base and are going to get better supplies.

BTS in the Zone


Report Date
28 Jul 2020

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