Kruthik Infestations at the Tortoise 2 Report

General Summary

They go back to the Worm Wrangler to get supplies.

Fight 4 young kruthiks and 1 adult kruthiks eating a Jagras. 550xp = 138xp each.

The jagras has a chain around its neck that was cut. They follow to where the jagras came from and see a velkhana with chains escaping into the Kirinal Pit and the Astral Sea. They are attacked by a kulu-ya-ku. They are almost wiped out before killing it. They save a baby hexworm.

Rewards Granted

1100xp - 275xp each 200 xp for saving worm = 50xp each Level Up.

BTS in the Zone


Report Date
29 Jul 2020

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