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A World of Darkness 5th Edition (Paradox) game
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London, I don't care what you say - it is the epitome of not just Camarilla, but Kindred society. For all her existence, she has been steered by the guiding hands of the Ivory Tower. London is proof that the Camarilla works and her longevity is proof enough of the Ivory tower's might. London has had a handful of rulers, or Princes if you wish to use Camarilla terminology. For most of the city's existence she has been ruled over by the dark Prince Mithras. He ruled with an iron grip and bought great prosperity to our nation.   Unfortunately, Mithras fell in the second human war, a supposed casualty of the many blitzes the Germans rained upon our nation. We mourned my childe. Oh, we mourned. But Kindred are nothing but tenacious. It didn't take long for an upstart Ventrue, Lady Anne Bowsley, to take over London. She dubbed herself Queen and her rule was not disputed. Queen Anne now rules over our great nation, picking up where the dark Prince Mithras left off. It has been a hard number of decades for our dear Queen - but you cannot argue with the results. London still stands. London will stand forever.

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Thu 6th February 2020 18:00

Session 1: Dark and Stormy Night

Three Kindred awaken from nearly a Century in slumber in the year 2012. They discover that they are part of a group known as the Mithratic Mysteries and have been tasked by the leader on a divine mission. The trio also find out that the 21st century holds many dangers for their kind.

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