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Pleotria Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Modern Campaign

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Modern game In the world of Pleotria
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Supporting Cast
  • Rhud Whitewing
    Gatherer for the queen knows common. His greatest desire in life is to prove his honour by becoming a royal guard.

Scheduled Sessions

Mon 13th December 2021 8:00

Death of a Hero

Burial of Asperih Cobblesworth and the Aftermath

Sat 11th December 2021 23:00

Delving deeper into the Devil's Lair

Dunno man, just Britney Spears

Tue 30th November 2021 20:00

Undead horde Against Stilena

As the sun is about to set, you hear the heavy uneven marching thump of the undead. A large horde approaches. Hundreds, maybe thousands have overstepped the holy sites to come into Fort Stilena. The night was draining, tired soldiers were replaced with fresh ones, but the ranks of the undead were barely dwindling. You managed to catch sleep between the gap hours where their force wasn't as brunt. The sun is about to show up again and the bright brings morale, their general showed up, Skull King Blackbone. He sits comfortably on his floating throne made out of sentient bones and just looks at you. After a brief increase in casualties, he leaves the battlefield with a grotesque display of power, gripping the younger paladin duo brother and crushing his in half with his iron fists, making him yet another one of their ranks.

Sessions Archive

22nd Nov 2021

In seach of the Wicked Dragon

Chernograd flies above Harap menacing the city. The Herald walks out of the municipality and fends him off using the obelisks. The attack weirdly only injures the dragon instead of killing it. The herald stares into Katasha and she feels compelled to pull out the onyx shard. Lifting his hands up the Elm is teleported at his feet. The command is given to finally end the evil dragon, and Katasha will be the one to lead the fight, not willingly though.

19th Nov 2021

Introduction to Marr

Yvaine will be in the inn Green Chain. Towards midnight Yula the Giantess will enter and look for entertainers for the upcoming supply train to Fort Stilena.

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10th Nov 2021

The Shrine

The desert road fills with greenery, and you can see small grasshoppers jumping over the blades of grass. The soil is consistently damp, and as you ride, it smoothly transitions into a muddy mix of sand and clay. The camels are used to this sort of terrain, and it looks like being 5 centimetres into the goop doesn't bother them at all though running might be a little too much. Small puddles of water find their way through the rich soil. At their feet are lush bushes of whom roots pulsate while feeding on the delicious resource. The camels stop. In front, you see an onyx obelisk. It vibrates, emanating small lightning surges gurgling the mud mixture around a foot of its surroundings.