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Episode 26: Stray Cat Strut

General Summary

Undersigil Sewers

afternoon, 12th Amnizuus   The episode begins immediately after the battle with the Styx Swimmer, a creature terrorizing the Ratfolk of The Nest.   While the party recuperates and dries off, Debbie noticed a long red and black centipede and killed it, revealing a strange polished stone (Grim Fate) inside it's body, as she seemed to shudder before pocketing it.   Jynx got high again from her poisoned bolts and gained permanent addiction to belladonna, requiring her to double the dose to feel high, and dose at least once a day to stave off withdrawal. Despite not being well enough to wildshape, she still pretended to be an alligator and swam the corpse of the creature to where the party could disassemble it further.   With Rick's Gem of Seeing, he spotted the creature's nest made of garbage at the bottom of the nearby reservoir.   After some scouting by Girax, using his newly evolved gills, him and Debbie loot the nest of it's random array of treasures and coins. Among the horde was a pair of magical Gloves of Swimming and Climbing.  

The Nest

early evening, 12th Amnizuus   Debbie presented the heart of the Styx Swimmer to the people of The Nest and a celebratory feast was prepared in the party's honor.   Ness led a guided prayer of thanks to Bahamut, sharing the Platinum King's love with the Ratfolk. Meanwhile, Debbie was sharing her love with four of the residents before joining the festivities.   Rosie Whitemane declared that Debbie and the Jets were now revered friends and allies of The Nest.   During the course of the evening, the party had approached a Ratfolk scholar by the name of Jan about the magic mouth they had encountered in the Undersigil Catacombs. He identified the portal they found behind it as leading to the Astral Plane, home of the evil Githyanki, who were known to destroy worlds to get their precious Silver Swords back, similar to the one the party kept in the Bag of Holding.   Jan also told them about The Seven Magic Mouths, a series of riddles no one has solved, but could lead to some great treasure one can only imagine.   Before departing, the party decided to perform a song for The Nest's residents. With Girryn on lyre, Rick on lute, Jynx on her zombie-skin bagpipes, Ness on percussion, and with Debbie singing, they performed 'Shipping Out To Wyrmland', an old sailor's ditty.  

Mighty Sven's Old Kip

late evening, 12th Amnizuus   They arrived back at their kip after a long day of fighting and carousing, eager for a long deserved rest. Rick spent some time learning a new song, Debbie attuned to Grim Fate, Ness practiced her drumming, and Jynx meditated to try sobering up a bit.   The next morning the heroes set out into the city to find a shop they could buy fancier clothes for the Hack the Bard concert later that night. They hired Thorx the Rickshaw to bring them back across Sigil to the Market Ward to find Fatal Fashions.  

Fatal Fashions

late morning, 13th Amnizuus   While Rick and Girryn stayed outside, the rest entered the shop and were met by Yesbella, a snobbish tanned high-elven shopkeeper, and her two assistants, Chaetris and Shara. When it was made clear that the party had money to spend and a concert to catch, the trio quickly set into action.   Debbie found a shiny black and purple jumper with frills, while Ness found a silvery green iridescent vest with a hood.   After a long montage in which Jynx changed into a number of high fashion outfits, she finally settled on wearing a combination of several outfits, layered and with many pockets, in various grays and browns.   When the outfit was finally revealed, a stranger walked in and complimented it, introducing herself as Zaza the Many, a friend of Amerigo and Mighty Sven, the latter of which isn't happy with Debbie.   END OF SESSION

Heroes of the Green Star



Girryn Vendeck Scaleseek



Report Date
30 Sep 2018
Primary Location
Undersigil Sewers
Secondary Location
Rat's Nest

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