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Episode 17: O Holy Night

General Summary

After being ejected into the streets of some strange, physics-defying, pandimensionally metropolitan city, the party went straight for the familiar: the first pub they could find. It was an evening of carousing, singing, dancing, drinking, and of course, a hot meal and a bath. The group learned some things about the City of Doors from Dan, the strange blackened skull that was setup behind glass like some demonic bar game that took coin. Also, Debbie got down and dirty with two angels named Hope and Justice, spending most of her 'long-rest' showing them new heights of glory...   Tomorrow they expect the return of a strange humanoid who was inquiring about the black armor they wore in the Void, with the possibility of a buyer in tow.

Heroes of the Green Star



Girryn Vendeck Scaleseek



Report Date
18 Nov 2018

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