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Heroes of the Green Star

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Wyrmland
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They started as 'winners' of the Hero Lottery and given the same task as those 28 groups that came before them: To finally fulfill the Green Star prophecy and restore life back to the cursed island.

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  • Sigil, City of Doors
    The largest planar metropolis in the Planes, and one of the most important cities in all of the multiverse, is located in an impossible location: at the top of the Infinite Spire in the center of the Outlands.
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Sessions Archive

20th Jan 2019

Episode 27: Purple Haze

The heroes prepare for their first rock concert in the heart of The Cage, and mingle with the city's bizarre collage of races and cultures...

30th Sep 2018

Episode 26: Stray Cat Strut

Picking up back in the sewers where the adventurers had just killed the Styx-Swimmer. With a day and a half before the Hack concert at Chirper's, how will they spend their time?

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9th Sep 2018

Episode 25: I Think I Smell A Rat

The party runs from the cops again, then hole up in a bar where they encounter Ruby and Yorx, the thugs who previously attempted to rob the party on their first night in town. Drinks were imbibed, Jynx got high, and stories were exchanged. Ruby let them know about Kanela, the Gith who hired her to go after them, and asks the party to exact some street justice upon the gith, in exchange for a future favour. After lunch the group headed to Lonno's Guitar Shop where Rick did some shopping and got them tickets to Hack the Bard's upcoming concert. They hired a cart to take them across the ring and back to Mighty Sven's old kip, where they finally got some well deserved rest.... until Rick's midnight screams wake them up...

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29th Jun 2018

Episode 24: You Don't Make Friends With Salad

After a shopping spree in the Great Bazaar, a few five finger discounts, a visit to Furi and Sons Magic Emporium, and a fight with a rampaging Blue Slaad, the group is considering whether to obey the Hardheads barking at them to stay or to flee the scene and lose them in the massive crowds...

12th Jun 2018

Episode 23: Mo Money Mo Problems

The newly gold-laden heroes stand in the Grand Bazaar of Sigil as the day begins and the merchants finish setting up for business...

29th May 2018

Episode 22: Take Me Somewhere Nice

The heroes finally made it to the Hands of Time where they found the clockwork wonders of the human Saddam and the modrones, dwarves, and gnomes, bustling about the emporium. . After gathering information and directions from a pentadrone clerk, essentially a large mechanical starfish on legs with a face on each appendage, the group wandered further into the complex, seeking out the gunsmith's workshop for Debbie. . Along the way, they interrupted four dwarven brothers playing a deadly game of cards to determine the de facto master among them, and they met a quadrone named 3/11 who seemed a bit erratic and ended up gifting the group with an untested and undefined device. . Debbie and The Jets eventually found the gunsmith's workshop, but it turned out that the master, an elf named Yandon Mallos, was out and long overdue to come back, having left for Baator a month ago and not heard from since. His daughter, Luinaru, is also out looking for him in the gate-town Ribcage. . The heroes got back to their new kip to find Jynx waiting outside, frustrated from her fruitless jaunt into The Hive. As the group prepared themselves for the next step in their journey, Amerigo became restless and left them for the time being, in pursuit of his guide, Sara. . The Outlands, the great plane of neutrality, lies ahead, with two leads to follow and new lands to explore...

15th May 2018

Episode 21: Hey Fatty Boom Boom

Before heading their separate ways into the city, Debbie and The Jets encountered a Harmonium Detective named Xarilius the Dreaded, a Warforged, who fined Mighty Sven (Debbie) for the assault on two Hardheads earlier that morning.   As Jynx wandered into the Hive, set on searching out some soil and greenery in the slums of Sigil, the rest of the group headed to the Hands of Time on Gear Street, encountering a group of wererat beggars along the way, who at first sold them a shovel for one gold but then jumped them in the alleyway. The party quickly drove off the would-be muggers and continued the hike through the Lower Ward.   Meanwhile, Jynx encountered a possible portal in a brown puddle then almost got mugged or worse by a Succubus and her Goliath pimp, before eventually making her way back to the kip they bought from Mighty Sven, right near the ditch.   With the main group heading to Gear Street and Jynx looking to enhance the land around her while they're gone, we begin next session...

1st May 2018

Episode 20: Welcome to the Jungle

You bought a kip near the Madhouse and rummaged through the previous owners discarded belongings and now you face the door, ready to go back into the strangest City you'll see...

17th Apr 2018

Episode 19: Beez In The Trap

After a jaunt across part of the ring city and a few deals with the local fauna along the way, the group makes it to Amerigo's friend, Mighty Sven, who teaches poor Girryn how to bring Giraxn the Eidolon back.

20th Mar 2018

Episode 18: Still Just A Rat In A Cage

Freshly rested but on the run, the group heads out into the pre-dawn of Sigil with their rescuer and new guide, Amerigo, to shake any pursuit and find answers. The gang that attacked you in the middle of the night seemed to be after your special black armor, no doubt valuable. Why were they willing to attack you for it? Can you trust your new supposed guide? Where will you go from here?

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6th Feb 2018

Episode 17: O Holy Night

After being ejected into the streets of some strange, physics-defying, pandimensionally metropolitan city, the party went straight for the familiar: the first pub they could find. It was an evening of carousing, singing, dancing, drinking, and of course, a hot meal and a bath. The group learned some things about the City of Doors from Dan, the strange blackened skull that was setup behind glass like some demonic bar game that took coin. Also, Debbie got down and dirty with two angels named Hope and Justice, spending most of her 'long-rest' showing them new heights of glory...   Tomorrow they expect the return of a strange humanoid who was inquiring about the black armor they wore in the Void, with the possibility of a buyer in tow.

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20th Dec 2017

Episode 16: Ich Bin Ein Ausländer

After a long journey through strange landscapes of death and void and dust, the group finally traverses a portal out of despair's grasp and into what, at first glance, appears to be a civilization... but the horizon curves up and over your head and the streets are filled with a dizzying diversity of 'people'.   You finally feel safe, but also lost...

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