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The Curse of Yitazir

A 7th Sea game In the world of Memdia
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The World's Changing.   The Greyj-El Empire has broken its alliance with the Kingdom of Auzwei, and a new country is forming on the ashes of empires long dead. Across the ocean, a theocracy thrives. Spirit-people ravage grasslands. And on a continent far away, giants thrive while snow-sheltered eyes peers across the valley to see what they can do with that information.   But that's not what we're here for. The world on land is not what we're about. The world of flags and governments, of kings and their armies.   We live different lives. Secret lives. Thriving and dying on boats tossed on rocky waters, on cities rubbed off maps but remembered by time.   We are pirates, swashbucklers, those who destroy our identities in pyre-flame and build better existences out of the ashes like phoenixes. We are Nationless.   And among Nationless, we like to tell stories.   Stories of our heroes, of our enemies, and of our treasures, and there's a new legend about.   Deep under water, there's an elixir only whispered about. Find it, and be granted immortality, reversal of all of your deformities and curses, and a wish. Where it is of course a mystery, but everyone knows who guards it. The same three syllables that strike fear into our hearts.   Yi-ta-zir   The Dragon of unknowing depths, whose children marks ours with blackened eyes and blackened hearts. A creature who wishes to consume all of our kind in his gaping maw.   But yet, we search. We hunt. Because we Nationless wish for opportunity. For chance. For freedom.   So, that's the story, and only one question remains.   Will you take the plunge?

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Captain Aozora
    she/her - Greyji The fierce and dedicated captain of the local ship the Saint of Four Oceans, she’s a woman who’s seen the world and has fought half of it. She claims to have sailed the domains of each of the four Ocean mothers and carries their blessings in four feathers in her cap. She’s also on the hunt for Yitazir’s Elixir, tempted by its promise of immortality.
  • Hauka
    he/him - Mer Every water has its mer, and Berianti’s seas have been claimed as this Bhatkayana’s home. He’s a bit of a sardonic grump, wishing to be left to his hunting and his undersea nonsense, but we Nationless find messing with him way too much fun. I think there’s a soft spot to him yet, and besides, he knows a lot of things about the world under the waves!
  • Misa
    The owner of the well-beloved tavern Battered Waves and Singing Swallows (often called the Hiha-biki/Battered Waves for short). She’s a maternal figure of sorts for the estranged pirates who frequent her establishment. She’ll always offer a listening ear and a warm meal to those who need it, and rumor has it she used to be a chef for the queen.
  • Moek-Ida
    he/him - Darkness Weaver An odd figure, he is. A devout Moeki who’s one of the few on Berianti who have brushed shoulders with the Deep Mer and has lived to tell the tale. While now he’s cast his anchor permanently, this doesn’t prevent him from sharing stories and advice to the wandering ear. An unforgiving flirt and a bit of a handful when he’s got a good drink, but one of the most valued people on the island on experience alone. We even put up with his name sometimes!
  • Niko
    he/him - Nature Weaver/Elf A bright and cheerful Born Nationless Berianti local who works at the shipyards. You got ships? He’s got the stuff to keep it from sinkin’ . A sociable sort who remembers the names of every regular at the docks and always is ready for a drink or a general good time.
  • Noonday
    any pronouns - Elf/Human Not the average sight around here in Berianti, she is a wandering soul straight off the shores of Prismer, and brings all of their weird traditions with them. They means well, and he’s a hard worker, so none of us really complain, but you have to raise your eyebrow a bit at someone who rolls up in a whole ship sailing solo and calls himself the epitome of the highest sun. Not boring, that’s for certain. Calls herself captain of the ship "Death of Dagger"
  • Okisa
    she/her - Rabbit Anima While not the member of any pirate crew, many wishes she were. No one knows how she came to Berianti or what her story is, but she’s a devout Deliac and wishes pirates the best on their travels with bundles of herbs and warm wishes. Her motto is “ Delia yanto ga reiki, sao ka nai!” - “Delia will come get you one night, but not this one!” It’s oddly comforting.
  • Rezyln
    he/him - Deep Mer - An undersea trader who fancies himself a flirt. Never breached the surface, but always wished to. Finds land-dwellers fascinating in a particular way. Not the most loyal to Yitazir and often acts of his own accord.
  • Great Priest Riamo
    they/them - Witch/Greyji Even in the rocky world of the Nationless, or perhaps especially so, there is a need for spirituality. Riamo is a Moeki priest and keeps careful watch of the temple here in Berianti, allowing people of any faith a quiet and calm place to pray and give thanks. They lead Astriadic and Stardancer congregations on holy days, but maintains hearths and balefires for gods they don’t worship for the sake of the other people in the city. They’re also a soothsayer and a fortune-teller of sorts, and many come to see their wisdom before heading out to sea as a routine.
  • Uwe
    A tall, and burly Auzwei native. The owner of a general store on Berianti that Bryzi buys the majority of their cartography supplies for and lives in the loft above when not out at sea. Uwe took Bryzi in not long after they first joined the nationless and is often considered their biggest confidant and one of their closest friends they often write letters to while at sea that they then hand in person upon returning.
  • Apprentice Yorei
    he/they - Ioryde Riamo’s apprentice and public nuisance, Yorei is yours truly! I also tend to Berianti’s temple, though I am in no way as patient as Riamo sometimes...I ran from my family at a young age, so the people of the city are my family in a sense. Never was one to devote myself to being a messenger of the gods, so working here in the temple practicing magic will do me just fine.

Sessions Archive

30th Jul 2020

Session I: Hie Thee to the Ocean City

The Crew of Lazuli's Anchor gathers and beckons to the sea.

The Protagonists



Doctor Harahaki


Eidwin Franz